Internet is a Boon or Bane

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Internet is a Boon or Bane?:

Internet is a Boon or Bane?

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From The User’s Point Of View:

From The User’s Point Of View Advantages Of The Internet

Communication :

Communication By the advent of computer’s Internet, our earth has reduced and has attained the form of a global village. We can communicate in a fraction of second with a person who is sitting in the other part of the world. We can avail the facilities of e-mail and messenger services in offering to communicate with our loved ones or business associates.


Information The Internet is a virtual treasure trove of information. Any kind of information on any topic under the sun and known to man is available on the Internet With the help of search engines like Google or Yahoo, one can almost find any type of data on almost any kind of subject that one is looking for. Today, it is almost required that students should use the Internet for research purposes. Teachers have started giving assignments that require research on the Internet.


Entertainment Media of internet has become quite successful in trapping multifaceted entertainment factor. With the internet, once can easily download games or software, visit chat rooms, surf the web, exchange songs, and even catch up on the latest news.

Services :

Services Many services are now provided on the internet such as online banking, job seeking, match-making, purchasing movie tickets, guidance services on array of topics engulfing the every aspect of life, and even hotel reservations. With the help of such services, one is able to save traveling time and easily make transactions from home or work.


E-Commerce Apart from retrieving information from the internet, one is also able to purchase items from the internet . There are many online shops or sites that one is able to find products from, as well as purchase these products with a credit card. With E-Commerce, there is no need to leave the house, and can do all kinds of shopping from the convenience of one’s home.

Disadvantages Of The Internet:

Disadvantages Of The Internet

Theft of Personal information:

Theft of Personal information By using the Internet, one may be facing grave danger as personal information such as name, address, credit card number etc. can be accessed by other hackers. This might cause problems such as the uncontrolled use of one’s credit card in purchasing, or the use of identity for unsolicited activities without one’s knowing.


Spamming Spamming refers to sending unwanted e-mails in bulk, which provide no purpose and needlessly obstruct the entire system . Most spam mails include commercial advertising mostly for dubious products , get-rich-quick schemes or quasi-legal activities . Other than e-mail spamming, there are Instant Messaging Spam, Newsgroup spam and forum spam, Online game messaging spam, Blog, wiki, and guestbook spam.

Virus Threat:

Virus Threat Virus is nothing but a program which disrupts the normal functioning of your computer systems. Computers attached to internet are more prone to virus attacks which can end up into crashing your whole hard disk, or the loss of information on your computer.


Addictions Prolonged usage of the internet can form unhealthy addictions not only for children, teenagers, but for adults as well. This might cause withdrawal, loss of  relationships or job, significant time consumption, sleep deprivation, decrease in performance, and even negative effects on family relationship because of the bonding.

The Main Threat Of Life :

The Main Threat Of Life Many children are kidnapped by the use of social networking sites. Many teenagers start going on wrong track which make them loose their lives.


Conclusion Today as there are so many social networking sites children are spending most of the time on these sites like facebook and sites which they should not watch. There are 50% of the people who don’t use it for good use. According to me Internet is boon than bane

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