Why Buy Carpets and Area Rugs from India?


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Decorating a room is an important part of a home decor. India specializes in handmade rugs and carpets which are One of a kind and handmade in the finest quality of wool or silk. Explore the reasons why to buy carpets and rugs from India.


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Why Buy Carpets and Area Rugs from India

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India accounts for more than 70 of the worlds market share as far as Handmade Carpets are concerned. The craftsmanship and intricacy found in Indian carpets is nowhere else to be found. INTRODUCTION:

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USP OF INDIAN CARPETS:  - Highly durable  - 100 handmade  - Conducive for high traffic area  - High quality and material used  - Cost Effective

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TYPES OF INDIAN CARPETS:  - Handknotted  - Hand tufted  - Handloom  - Machine made However handknotted carpets are considered to be most superior out of all the carpets in India due to high knots and density and use of fine material used.

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Factors to consider before buying an Indian handmade Carpet or Rug: - Type of material used - Knots/density per square inch - Budget - Color combination - Design/pattern

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PLACEMENT OF AREA RUGS/CARPETS:  - Living room  - Dining room  - Bed front  - Bedside  - Staircase  - Foyer/entrance  - Passage/ corridor

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CUSTOM ORDER ACCORDING TO SPECIFICATIONS: One of the specialties of handmade Indian carpets is that it can be customized according to a cl ie nt’ s specifications and requirements in terms of size color design pattern or even material used.

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For more information visit www.yakcarpet.in A floor without a carpet is like a wall without a painting. A carpet is the foundation of a room and makes a room look special and beautiful.

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