How to choose an Area Rug Color

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Picking the right color for a carpet is very important since this determines the overall design and look of the interior design. Yak Carpet has compiled a couple of reasons as to how to pick and choose the right color of the carpet to enhance the overall look and feel of the interior design.


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How to Choose an Area Rug Color

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Color and tone are an integral part of a home decor. Choosing the right color for a rug can be a daunting task and it is important to pick the right tone and shade.

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A Light colored Area Rugs Such Carpets are suitable for a space with subtle interiors. Also such carpets make the space look much bigger and expansive. The perfect shades for such rugs would be cream light gold ivory beige white etc.

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B Pastel Colored Area Rugs Such carpets add ultra sophistication to a space and make the area look sophisticated and classy. Examples of pastel tone area carpets are light blue powder pink soothing green etc.

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C Dark Colored Area Rugs If a room is large enough one can go for a dark colored area rugs or carpets. Such carpets usually have a modern or traditional design pattern and add color and life to an existing space.

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Yak Carpet Advice: Hence it is important to pick and choose the color of the rug first and then design the rest of the space. This is important since it is easy to decorate the rest of the space but it is hard to find the right type of carpet to match the home decor.

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