Vacation like Royalty with a Motor Yacht Charter

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We offer the largest selection of Motor Yachts for charter anywhere worldwide, so if you are looking for the finest service and the latest Motor Yachts available for charter, look no further - we are here to help you find the ideal motor yacht for as few as 4 guests.


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Vacation like Royalty with a Motor Yacht Charter from International Yacht Charter Group:

Vacation like Royalty with a Motor Yacht Charter from International Yacht Charter Group Imagine slicing through the waters and anchoring at one of the most exotic destinations in the world. You do not need to be wealthy to vacation like royalty when you try a motor yacht charter from International Yacht Charter Group. You can choose from among the most exciting destinations in the world including the Bahamas, the Mediterranean, Caribbean, or even Alaska. Your imagination and desires will dictate what is possible . One of the most popular choices is the International Yacht Charter Group Bahamas yacht charters . When you take your dream vacation in the Bahamas you can choose from destinations like Bimini, Nassau, Grand Bahama , Northern Abacos , or a combination of top ports and islands. You can choose from a variety of styles for your trip, also. Do you want to cruise the Bahamas in a mega yacht which stretches over the water elegantly? Would you prefer a smaller sailing yacht for a more intimate journey?

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A Mediterranean Escape Aboard Your Yacht Mediterranean yacht charters are another of the highly popular getaways. Normal cruises in the Mediterranean are one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, but upgrading the experience to riding on a luxury yacht is unbelievable. You have added privacy, more control, and personal service you have never experienced before . Chartering a yacht for your vacation can be amazing. You will be pampered by the crew as they take care of the cooking, cleaning, and of course the driving. You will be free to enjoy swimming in the ocean, relaxing on deck on in your cabin, or on some of the larger mega yachts of jumping into the swimming pool. Some of the best moments you will experience by chartering a yacht are when you arrive in port. You may be invited to parties or special events reserved just for yacht dwellers. You will be in the center of fabulous action and fun. Going on a yachting excursion is very easy. You will not need to bring many things along with you. Just pack in your passport, some fun clothes, and maybe a nice outfit of two for those special events in port. The linens, cookware, food, and other items are all part of your motor yacht charter from International Yacht Charter Group .

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Yachting For Business or Pleasure Chartering a yacht is not only a great idea for a vacation, but is an excellent escape for business meetings which require focus and privacy. On a larger yacht you can have 6 to 12 people aboard and be able to escape the distractions of phones, hotel staff, and offices. Picture the impact an executive meeting aboard a yacht would give to all in attendance. It will be an event they will remember and allow them to focus on the items at hand . Planning a yachting expedition is easy when you plan your motor yacht charter from International Yacht Charter Group. They take care of all the details. You just need to arrive ready to a great experience.

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