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Antiseptics :

Antiseptics By, Asst. Prof. Tarkasband Yogita S. M. pharm.( Pharmacognosy)


ANTISEPTIC AND DISINFECTANTS Antiseptics are the agent that are used to kill pathogenic microbes or prevent their growth. while Disinfectants makes surface free from pathogens. Examples-




BENZOIN SYNONAME - Sumatra benzoin, gum benzoin, loban BIOLOGICAL SOURCE- It is balsamic resin obtained from Styrax Benzoin , Styrax tonkinesis belongs to styraceae family. GEOGRAPHICL DISTRIBUTION- Produced from trees grown in south eastern Asia- Sumatra, Indonesia. COLLECTION - Benzoin is pathological resin collected after 6 yea r from cultivated/wild trees by incision near the base of tree. The resinous material allow to solidifie d, sundried (yield-10kg/tree)


BENZOIN CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS- Sumatra benzoin- free balsamic acids(benzoic and cinnamic acids). also triterpenoid acids like suma-resinolic acid & siaresinolic acid Slam benzoin- ester coniferyl benzoate(75%) Styrol , vanillin, phenyl propyl cinnamate . USES- 1. irritating expectorant 2. carminative 3. diuretic 4.Antiseptic 5.Protective 6. Treatment of URT infection (as inhalation) .




MYRRH SYNONAME - Myrrha, bol, gum myrrh BIOLOGICAL SOURCE- It is oleo-gum-resin obtained from Commiphora molmol belongs to Burseraceae family. GEOGRAPHICL DISTRIBUTION - found in north east africa and southern arabia. COLLECTION - Burseraceae plants posses oleo-resinous canals in their conducting tissue . Plant is small shrub-3m height By incision on bark it exudates yellowish colored resin , gradually hardens and becomes reddish brown . This mass is collected in goats skin and sent to market .


MYRRH CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS- 10% thick VOLATILE OIL- Terpenes , cuminic aldehyde , eugenol . 25-40% resins – alpha, beta and gamma commiphoric acid 3-4% bitter principles USES- - Stimulant, - Used as antiseptic, - Protective, - Used in mouthwashes. ADULTRATION- Arabian myrrh Yamen myrrh Indian bdellium( balsamoendron mukul )


NEEM SYNONAME- LIMB BIOLOGICAL SOURCE- It consist of leaves and other aerial parts of Azadiracta indica belongs to Meliaceae family . GEOGRAPHICL DISTRIBUTION - it is indigenous and widely grown in India . CULTIVATION - The plant is propagated by seeds. it survive at high temp. little rainfall , nutrient deficient soil. The plant bears fruit after 5 years. CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS- Azadiractin , salanin , meliantriol Leaves- nimbosterol , quercetin Seeds- azadirtactin , salanin , meliantrol , meliacin Bark- nimbin , nimbinin , nimbidin , nimbosterol , margosine . USES- Antiseptic, Insecticide, Antiviral, treatement Of AIDS




CURCUMA SYNONAME- Turmeric, Haldi , Indian saffron BIOLOGICAL SOURCE- It consist of dried or fresh rhizomes of Curcuma longa belongs to Zinzibrraceae family . GEOGRAPHICL DISTRIBUTION - it is cultivated in pak ., Malaysia, china . india -MH, TN, WB, UP, PJ CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS- 5% VOLATILE OIL, RESIN, yellow coloring sub. Curcuminoids Curcumin , turmerone , zingiberine , borneol , caprylic acid. USES- Antiseptic, Expectorant, In condiment Coloring agent- ointment, creams Antimicrobial anti-inflammatory

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