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FM GROUP „If you can dream it, then you can achieve it You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar

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ABOUT USwho we are FM GROUP is a family business distributing perfumes and perfumed products. It was launched by Artur and Andrzej Trawinski. Welcome 2

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FM GROUP 3 High quality fragrances Trawinski’s perfume adventure started almost 15 years ago. In 1995 Andrzej Trawinski launched PERFAND – a company producing high quality perfumes, and in 2004 launched FM GROUP Poland – a perfume distribution company.

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FM GROUP Polanddevelopment Szewce FM GROUP Poland has seen rapid growth. In February 2008 they moved to Szewce where their administration, call centre and warehousing is based with personnel experienced in economics, chemistry, export, graphics, etc. 4

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Growing with FM GROUP And that is not all. At the beginning of 2005 FM GROUP expanded into international markets – new FM GROUP branches have started to appear all over the world. Such dynamic development enforces the company’s objective of creating a truly international business. FM GROUP World branches 5

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FM GROUP World Centre 6 Beginning of FM GROUP World In January 2007 Andrzej and Artur Trawinski opened FM GROUP World, a company co-ordinating all branches of the worldwide expansion.

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Now in FM GROUP There is the Head Office of FM GROUP World in Poland and over 40 branches in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, Africa and the Far East FM GROUP World branches 7

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prezentujemy FM GROUP numbers 8 FM GROUPnumbers

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FM GROUPnumbers 9 300,000 distributors In corporation of FM GROUP has taken over 300,000 people on world-wide.

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FM GROUPnumbers 10 Turnover The turnover is still growing – in 2007 over 112 million PLN. By June 2008 over 75 million PLN.

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Strategic partners FM GROUP partners 11

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FM GROUP partners 12 launched: 1995 In: Psary Founder: A. Trawinski DROM Fragrances International launched: 1911 In: Monachium founder: F. i A. Storp PERFAND Strategic partners FM GROUP’s main partners are PERFAND and DROM Fragrances International.

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13 New factory In June 2008 PERFAND opened a new large factory with huge production capacity. PERFAND

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FM GROUP partners 14 With these three big companies working together, we have created a product seducing our senses which is...

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fragrance dreams imagination emotions feelings

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FM GROUP You have just found the perfect product and, with it, success with FM GROUP 17 Perfect product

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Idealne produkty FM GROUP products are very popular with their customers! 18 Large selection of fragrances and body care products top quality, and long lasting, scent beautiful packaging suitable for every bag consumable products (high usage and constant need for products)? affordable prices Perfect product

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19 Why are FM GROUP products available at such affordable prices? you pay only for high quality product, not for it’s packaging FM GROUP reduces money spent on advertising and marketing (billboards, magazines, TV, radio, famous actors, actresses, models)? The cost of producing FM perfumes is similar to other well known brands. Product

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FM GROUP Product catalogue 20

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In FM GROUP Product catalogue You will find over 200 unique products divided into special collections: Classic, Luxury, Inspirations, Pheromones, Fruit, Youth, Refreshing and Body Care. 21 beautiful easy to read handy

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Womencollection 22 Fruit collection Pheromones collection Inspirations collection Luxury collection Classic collection Classic Luxury Inspirations Pheromones Fruit collections Body lotion Shower gel Miniatures set Deodorant roll-on Deodorant spray Hand and nail cream Hair fragrance Body care coming soon...

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Mencollection 23 Pheromones collection Inspirations collection Luxury collection Classic collection Classic Luxury Inspirations Pheromones Refreshing Body lotion Shower gel Deodorant roll-on Aftershave Refreshing collection collection Body care coming soon...

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Youthcollection 24 Lip gloss Shower gel Shower gel Eau de toilette Eau de toilette Eau de toilette For girls Eau de toilette For boys Shower gel for girls Shower gel for boys Iip gloss Body care coming soon...

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Retail sales and MLM 25 MLM multilevel marketing

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26 2 main ways of supplying products to the market: MLM multilevel marketing

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flexible work hours international business   independence choice of partners running own business, but without investing your own money Main advantages of working in MLM: Huge potential for very high income 27 MLM multilevel marketing

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Thanks to MLM, Distributors receive 2 types of income: Active income (retailing product)? Passive income (commission from the sales network)? 28 MLM multilevel marketing

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Thanks to MLM, Distributors receive 2 types of income: Active income (retailing product - margins up to 33%) passive income (commission from the sales network) two extraordinary stages of the Marketing Plan 29 29.5% of the worldwide turnover is paid out as commission to the distributors by FM GROUP WORLD in Stages I and II of the Marketing Plan. MLM in FM GROUP

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30 Magnolia Club Income from personal retail and commission from your sales network. Orchid Club Commission from being a leader in the sales network. FM GROUP Marketing Plan Two stages: Marketing Plan

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FM GROUPactive income 31 Save money buying cheaper Being a distributor you can be your own first customer and buy FM GROUP products cheaper at distributor prices. 1.

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FM GROUPactive income 32 You earn money selling to others By selling FM GROUP products you earn the difference between distributor and recommended retail catalogue price. Selling one bottle of perfumes from the Classic Collection for $20.00 earns you $6.00. 2.

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MAGNOLIA CLUBactive income 33 Magnolia Club $450.00 $300.00 MAGNOLIA Clubactive income Magnolia Club 33

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34 You earn money by building your own sales network You can create your own group of sellers (sales structure) and get extra income from it. This kind of income is called passive income. Your passive income from the sales network in FM GROUP could be very substantial! FM GROUPpassive income 3.

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MAGNOLIA CLUBpassive income 35 Magnolia Club 1 POINT = $0.37

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8.5% of the FM GROUP Worldwide turnover is shared between all Orchids! ORCHID CLUBpassive income 37 Orchid Club Commission from all Orchid levels is accumulative!

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37 Now is the time to explain how you can start earning money… MLM multilevel marketing

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38 3% achievement level example FM GROUP Ann George Paul Mary Lucy Kate LEGEND: 3% = 300 points. 6% = 1200 points. 9% = 3600 points. 12% = 7200 points. 15% = 12000 points. 18% = 20400 points. 21% = 30000 points.

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39 9% achievement level example FM GROUP Ann Philip George Marion Lucy Kate Edward Mary LEGEND: 3% = 300 points. 6% = 1200 points. 9% = 3600 points. 12% = 7200 points. 15% = 12000 points. 18% = 20400 points. 21% = 30000 points.

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40 15% achievement level example FM GROUP LEGEND: 3% = 300 points. 6% = 1200 points. 9% = 3600 points. 12% = 7200 points. 15% = 12000 points. 18% = 20400 points. 21% = 30000 points. Ann Philip George Marion Lucy Kate Edward Mary

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We invite you to Join us now! 41 Work

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You can count on help from FM GROUP, your Sponsor and Your Group Leaders. Look! 42 You will improve your life style! You can build a great income now… and provide yourself a great pension, too! Your age doesn’t matter to us! You won’t get fired! You don’t have to be well educated! Work

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FM GROUP 43 Membership in FM CLUB (you buy products cheaper for your own use)? You earn commission (paid to your bank account)? You earn commission (paid as a discount when buying products)? Advantages of Joining Us Join Us

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FM GROUP Ideal working conditions 44 Work

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Work tools 45 In the Starter kit: Fragrance samples (20, 100 or 137 samples)? Registration form Product catalogue Marketing Plan Order form Handy STARTER KIT is your main work tool to present the FM GROUP Products and Business Opportunity.

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IT The new internet platform Each international FM branch has its own website where you can find news about new products, promotions and company events. FM Distributors also receive regular newsletters with important information about FM GROUP. 46

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GENEALOGY TREE (look at sales structure)? It is a very professional work tool. You can monitor your sales structure every day at any time. Data on the tree is confidential and updated every hour giving you a current picture of your business structure (only a Distributor has access to his/her personal database). Even partners working in different countries in your sales team are shown in current time. Genealogy Tree FM GROUP DISTRIBUTORS can make immediate decisions about developing their sales network 47

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Internet Shop 48 Internet shop is active 24/7 Fax Telephone   Internet shop E-mail Distributor’s centre in Chicago Illinois Many ways of ordering FM products:

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49 Professional training system well prepared meeting room modern multimedia tools trainer support individual consultations Training meeting

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50 MOTIVATIONAL Programmes FM GROUP has: 3 different Motivational Programmes Created to match the needs of FM distributors. “Move to the next level” is prepared from time to time for distributors starting their business with FM GROUP. “Keep the level” is prepared from time to time for distributors with already developed sales structure. “Drive Mercedes to your success” This is a leader’s programme in conjunction with Mercedes Benz cars.

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Plany 51 Plans Increasing the range of FM products Improved the quality of FM products Keeping affordable prices whilst maintaining quality new international branches more training materials Your future is our business

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52 People People are important to FM GROUP – our Customers, Distributors and business partners alike. We increase our range of products and improve the quality to match people’s needs.

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53 Life style We share with you not only the support of our company and our amazing products, but also the joy of working together with you for your success. Over 300,000 people have already started their careers with FM GROUP. Before you join us you need to know one thing – it is not an ordinary job, it is a way of life.

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Contact 54 FM Group USA203 North LaSalle Chicago, IL 60601 Tel. 312.881.8163Toll Free: FM GROUP World ul. Zmigrodzka 247 51-129 Wroclaw Poland

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