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Print and promotions ​Best screen printing uniform and t-shirts in UK Screen printing is the process of using a machine to push ink through a mesh stencil creating a pattern which sticks to the textile. It is the better method when you require great detail in your personalized logo or pattern. For example if you require very small lettering or a faded look in your pattern then you would be better off screening your textile. Being that embroidery uses thread to create the patterns or logos it is limited in its visual capabilities. Screening is also generally preferred for larger patterns given that it is much more cost-effective as your pattern gets larger. The pricing of ​screen printing doesnt depend on the size of the pattern being printed as much as it does for the number of colors being printed into the pattern. With screen printing the more colors being printed the more expensive the pattern is to have printed.

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Print and promotions Embroidery is the process of using a sewing or embroidery machine to stitch patterns on textiles using embroidery thread. ​Embroidery services is the more expensive personalization method given the cost of the goods used in the process as well as the quality of the work. Embroidery is considered a higher quality process being that keeps its original form longer than screen printing. Because the embroidered pattern is stitched into the textile as opposed to just printed on it does not get ruined after a large number of washes. With screen printing you need to be more careful when washing the screen printed garment since the printing can often wear off or start cracking after a large number of washes. Being that embroidery can be more expensive though it is generally best to use embroidery for smaller logos/patterns so that it can remain cost-effective. According to Research and Markets the worlds leading source for international market research reports and market data the commercial screen printing industrys revenue for 2012 was reported at 7.4 billion USD. The report titled "Commercial Screen Printing Industry in the U.S. and its International Trade 2013 Q3 Edition" went on to reveal that the industry as a whole had "an estimated gross profit of 27.42." Screen printers who want to get in on this profitability may want to take a look at the materials they are currently using. If stainless steel wire mesh is not part of their process they may be missing out on an opportunity to increase their income.

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