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Bingo Instructions: This game can be used to practice the vocabulary seen through Unit 1 on Bounce 3. Students will practice the names of holidays, festivities and the seasons of the year. Photocopy as many cards as you need depending on your group. Students can play this game induvidually or in pairs. The game ends when one of the students has listenend to the nine words that are written on his/her cards. To have students listen to all the vocabulary, leave the Christopher Colombus card for the end.(There is only one student card that has the word Colombus’ Day written.) Optional: Before playing this game, give each student a Bingo card with nine pictures. Practice colors and the volcabulary related to holidays by having students color the pictures on their Student Bingo Cards. Please send us your comments or suggestions to the following email address: We hope this game will be useful for your classes.

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