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Identify the work to be criticized and its creator . Give a brief description of both without assuming that readers know them. Determine if the creator has long been in his field for quite some time or just had a breakthrough just recently. Also important to note is the controversial appeal of the work to be criticized. Its popularity will gain the critique essay a reading appeal. Do not forget to identify your reading market, i.e. it may be adults, teens, or moms. The online service has a variety of critique essay examples for your reference. 1


Most academic institutions, as a development ground, require their students an academic critique on various literary works. An English department requires its students to critique on films shown to them in class. Varying degrees of competence reflect how effective an academic critique essay is. Some students find it difficult to come up with an effective essay either because it does not interest them or they just do not know how to write well. Nonetheless, your writing prowess needs to be highlighted to impress your readers. 2


Present the aims of the work to be criticized. It is important to lay down what the work intends to achieve. Question yourself if it was successful in achieving these aims. An essay critique focuses on evaluating the effectivity of the aims of the work. Some works tend to be overconfident that its market will buy their work. However, it does not leave them exempted from bad reviews or criticisms. Based on these reviews, you may assess if the aims of the work have been met successfully or not. 3


Any work subject to criticisms uses techniques, styles, or any medium to make it effective. Identify these and evaluate if these too have become effective in achieving the work’s goals. An online writing critique will help you identify some of these techniques, styles, or media. Most of the experts employed by this program are effective in teaching. 4


Summarize the work’s main ideas. Remember not to evaluate the work in the summary section. You just have to explain the most important ideas the creator tried to convey in the entire work. In writing critique , you must know how to departmentalize your thoughts. Do not comingle different ideas in one section. Organize your thoughts and maintain relevance to avoid confusion among your readers. 5


In a research article critique , it is important that the work you intend to evaluate interests you and your market. In every essay, what makes the work stand out is the passion that one puts in writing it. It just naturally comes out in the work and consequently its readers get a good impression thereon. Also, identify the sufficiency of the research, i.e. answers to the questions posed therein, graphic details used, appropriate usage of literary references, sufficient explanations, and effective public persuasion. 6


Another thing: A critique of a research article needs suggestions from the writer of the essay. One of the elements of an effective critique essay is the reasonable and relevant suggestions the writer poses to its readers. Some suggestions are irrational. Avoid irrationality. Do not let your personal cognitive biases get in the way of an objective type of reasoning. 7


To write a critique , always include your agreements and disagreements with the creator of the work criticized. Avoid biases. Set the good points of the work, as well as its bad points. Be critical enough in doing this kind of essay. By being critical, it means pointing out both the effective means used of the work and its flaws. With this, you become both subjective and objective. At least, your readers will not think that you are partial or do not appear to be partial. 8


The last part of a critique essay is the conclusion . Just like any other conclusion, it summarizes all the points considered in the entire write-up. Oftentimes, this part of the essay is the shortest. The same holds true in critique essays. One only needs to briefly restate his agreements and disagreements by developing the main points of the work’s creator. Writing a critique is somewhat complicated for others. That is why they need this kind of online service that will help them through it. 9


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