Northwestern University: Programs, Requirements, and Deadlines

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If you are going to enter the university, check this presentation and find out Northwestern University: programs, requirements and deadlines for admission campaign.


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Northwestern University: Programs, Requirements, and Deadlines:

Northwestern University: Programs, Requirements, and Deadlines


Northwestern is a private university located in Evanston, Illinois. Its campuses are based in Chicago and Doha, Qatar, and programs in Washington and San Francisco. Innovative research, brilliant teaching, a comprehensive intellectual growth of students are those things that help NU to stand out from other universities.


NU has: • 12 schools and colleges; • 3 incredible campuses; • 21, 000 students; • 19 athletic teams; • More than 500 student groups and organizations; • $649.7 million in sponsored research per year.


Programs Northwestern University offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and professional programs. Students can choose from a huge number of options the one which meets their academic goals. Detailed information about each program you can find on its official website .

Undergraduate programs:

Undergraduate programs • Anthropology • History • Chemistry • Biological Studies • Communication Studies • Computer Studies • Dance • Economics • English, French, German, Italian, Spanish • Journalism • Legal Studies • Mathematics • Music Studies • Neuroscience • Philosophy, etc.

Graduate programs:

Graduate programs • Analytics • Art Theory and Practice • Biotechnology • Coaching • Computer Engineering • Creative Writing • Documentary Media • Entrepreneurship • Finance • Gender Studies • Global Health • Linguistics • Media, Technology, and Society • Musicology • Project Management, etc.

Professional programs:

Professional programs • Business Administration • Advance Accounting • Clinical Research • Data Science • Engineering Design and Innovation • Global Business • Governance Programs • Human Resources • Leadership • Marital and Family Therapy • Math in Business • Pre-medicine • Programming • Web Development • Robotics Don’t forget to write a personal statement to stand out from other applicants!


Deadlines If you’re sure that Northwestern is your best option, consider applying under an Early Decision plan. Candidates who’ve chosen this variant are more valuable and preferable in the eyes of the admissions. Such students in such a way show their huge interest in studying in Northwestern and as a result, hold a better position in the overall ranking. Besides, having a flawless Northwestern personal statement you’ll significantly boost your chances of being accepted.


October 15 Registering online for an audition (for candidates to the Bienen School of Music). October (Testing) Applicants must have their SAT Reasoning Test and send the results to the university. Be prepared to personal statement writing .


November 1 Applicants must submit Common Application (don’t forget about “Why Northwestern” essay ), secondary school report (it consists of transcript, teacher and counselor letter of recommendation), test grades, Early Decision agreement and an obligatory application payment.


December 15 Admission Decision: if you’ve been accepted, and your family has provided CSS Profile, you’ll be informed about financial details. February 1 Enrollment decision: you need to confirm your place by submitting tuition and housing deposits. Having a successful SoP for MS in computer science you’ll get this stage for sure!


Requirements You must apply to one of the 6 Northwestern schools. The point is that Northwestern use the same admission criteria, so students have a great opportunity to take classes in different schools as they aren’t restrictive but evenly competitive. So, choose a school which suits your academic interests!

#1: Second Majors:

#1: Second Majors If you’re eager to get 2 degrees over 5 years, then choose the Dual Degree program. If you’re a supporter of a traditional way of studying, apply to one of the six Northwestern schools with the desired major and get the second one later.

#2: Applying “Undecided”:

#2: Applying “Undecided” If you’re not sure of your major, apply “undecided” to Northwestern schools. Actually, it is very common among candidates. They have an awesome opportunity to proclaim a major until the end of their second year of study. During this period they can learn better all schools requirements as well as consult with advisors.

#3: Different Fields of Study:

#3: Different Fields of Study You’re required to choose only one field of study when you’re applying. Then, after being accepted, you can select other subjects, certificates, majors, and minors. But first, write a winning Northwestern law personal statement !

#4: Recommendation Letter:

#4: Recommendation Letter Northwestern requests 2 recommendation letters from those who can describe your strengths and positive sides as best as possible. The first one must be from high school counselor about your academic curriculum and school activity. The second one - from your teacher who can present you as a capable and bright student. Don’t forget about Northwestern University supplement essay !

#5: Application essay:

#5: Application essay Composing a Northwestern essay is a great chance to express yourself and show why you’re so special. There is no need to write a ten-page essay to impress the admission. Be concise and clear. Also, you’re required to give a response why do you want to be accepted to Northwestern. Connect your academic interests and experience with university – it’s quite an effective strategy!

#6: Activity Chart:

#6: Activity Chart Like a Northwestern law school personal statement , the activity chart is a superb chance to show the admission all activities you’ve been involved, awards, honors, and achievements you’ve got inside and outside the high school. Present yourself as an active and super-motivated student!

#7: Additional Information:

#7: Additional Information If you’ve been through some outstanding circumstances than influenced on your studying at school, add it to the field “additional information” in the Common Application. More information you can find in this Google book .


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