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Email :   Call: 86-13660767956   Chips Packing Machine Manufacturer

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Chips Packing Machine Email :   Call: 86-13660767956   This is the fully automatic chips packing Machine , machine is able to dosing and filling the chips into the pouch which is the machine made from the film ,then sealing and cut. High precise and fast . You only need to add the chips into the feeder and set the volume per pouch on the touch screen , put the roll film on the machine, then machine will begin working , from powder to one bag, Save cost for you. Lot number printer is optional device . There are many different kind of chips packing machine, we have below pouch style ,you can choose the one you need .If you can't see the chips packing machine in this page pls have a look at other page ,we have introduced different kinds of chips packing machine in different pages.

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Email :   Call: 86-13660767956   The scope of packaging: It’s suitable to use in packing the high accuracy and easy fragile material , such as : puffy food , crispy rice , Potato Chips , Snacks , candy , pistachio , sugar , apple slices , dumpling , chocolate , pet food , small wares etc . 

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Email :   Call: 86-13660767956   Operating principle & working process  The products come from the production line →When the products drop into the vibrator with bucket hopper, it will be vibrated out to the conveyor → the conveyor will keep sending the product to the weigher until the weigher sending the signal to it.  →the multi heads weigher is for dosing the product and dropping it to the packing machine time by time. It is continuously given the finished signal to the packing machine.  →When the packing machine gets the signal, it will feedback to the weigher and start dropping down the product, then the machine starts drawing down the film, printing the date, sealing, and cutting the package.  → When the bags made out, they will be transferred out by the finished product conveyor and then to the turn table or the secondary packing.

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Email :   Call: 86-13660767956   1.A complete package process.This vffs packing machine is capable of automatically completing a series of packaging processes for filling, metering, bagging, date printing, charging (exhaust), and product output. 2.Save time, effort, power, and smarter operation. 3.Multi-selection of packing bag you can choose. it not only could provide the pillow bag, angle fold bag, hang hole bag, link bag, etc, but also it could provide a packing with a new and fashion design, excellent technology. 4.Provide a good quality and high precision, efficiency. Meanwhiles , it would not crash the materials. 5.Easy to operate and use. VFFS high speed machine is a Simple and generous food packing machine. 6.A multi heads weigher -The multihead weigher packing machine  (four servo motors) has 10 heads high speed weigher . Main Performance And Structure Features:

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Email :   Call: 86-13660767956  

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Email :   Call: 86-13660767956   Contact Us Address   Add:No.1742,A Building Panyu North Avenue Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province in China Telephone   86-13660767956 E-mail Follow Links:

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