How To Charter A Luxury Yacht


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A yacht charter, as you know, is an investment — in your own relaxation, your own pleasure abroad. Like any discerning investor, you want to make sure your return justifies the expense.


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How To Charter A Luxury Yacht Advice From The Experts World Yacht Group


About us World Yacht Group is a global company dedicated to yachting industry. Our brokers and advisors are experts in luxury yachts. We are passionate about making your experience in chartering or purchasing a yacht outstanding, reason why clients come back to us time after time. We define our business as three sectors: yacht charters, sales and full management service. Our international presence allows us to have clients from all over the world and operate in many destinations with a full control of our business. Our team makes sure that each client receives personal attention at all times. World Yacht Group


Chartering a yacht for the first time? A yacht charter, as you know, is an investment — in your own relaxation, your own pleasure abroad. Like any discerning investor, you want to make sure your return justifies the expense. If this is your first time chartering a yacht, there are several considerations that can make or break your experience. Ready for the good news? We’ve compiled information from the experts to help unveil how to charter a luxury yacht.


Only Deal with Reputable Brokers Chartering a yacht typically happens through a yacht broker — an agent that is dedicated to you and your experience . Yacht broker is available to you for your entire journey, and communicates on your behalf to move your plans forward. Your yacht broker should be familiar with yacht models, location-specific amenities, and details about captains and crews. They should be willing to work with you at length to determine what options best serve your needs. They will also help you understand the contract and any stipulations; clauses detailing incident handling, safe waters and any restricted areas, as well as when, where, and if you will come to land.


Captain and Crew are as Crucial as Location When chartering a yacht for any period of time, it’s important to consider the captain and crew of the boat you choose — they’re key to ensuring the experience you’re looking to cultivate. Because captains are people, too, they will also have preferences and experiences. Some captains are smooth sailing sightseers who can take you to the perfect romantic coastline or island chain. Others still love getting people set up in waters, perfect for toys like jet skis.


Deposit Percent The Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association determines much of the chartering contract’s financial details. One of the most notable and more common sections is the upfront deposit required. Oftentimes, a contract requires 50 percent at the time of signing. Another detail is the Advance Provisioning Allowance that most contracts include. This covers expenses like the food, the fuel, and much of the rest of supplies , and potentially o crew gratuity at your discretion. Any difference is refundable.


Scheduling Prepare yourself before embarking by studying the schedule. Most chartered yachts will operate on a schedule that is predetermined and locked in. Don’t let yourself get caught off guard by an unexpected stop or an inability to stop. Take time to read the details and to take notes. After all, it’s your vacation — you should choose a yacht tour that fits your interests and desires .


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