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5 Secret Places to Visit on a Luxury Yacht in Ibiza & Formentera


Are the pressing crowds of the everyday beaches in Ibiza threatening to spoil your chartered yacht experience? Do you like stumbling upon some new place, some hidden gem? Well, this list is tailor-made for you. Here are some secret places that allure with privacy and Ibiza flair.


Cala Llentrisca Purported to be one of the most remote beaches in Ibiza, Cala Llentrisca is sure to satiate the need to get away from the hustle on the main beaches in Ibiza. If you’re adventurous, this is the beach for you. The diminutive beach can be found in the south-west of Ibiza, near Cap Llentrisca . Don’t expect an easy time of it, though, as the beach has been largely left untouched aside from a few beach houses and tends to blend with the coast line.


This place has the longest beach on the island, but is still a bit of a hidden gem. On the beach itself there’s a resort that accommodates visitors with amenities like a bar and indoor plumbing. Here’s where it starts to differ from the main stay — head north from the beach and there are small coves and rock formations that just wait to be discovered by yacht charterers. Cala Tarida


Isla Tagomago About 900 meters from the main island of Ibiza is a distinct private island, Isla Tagomago . There is a cove on the north side of the private island that is nearly as private as the island itself and is open to boats. Formentera is about a half-an-hour boat ride from the isle. The island itself is renowned not only for its private resort, but the native flora and fauna, as well as the unique rock faces and outcroppings.


Salinas Beach The Salinas Beach may ring a bell if you’ve ever been to Ibiza. The beach is at the southernmost tip of the island of Ibiza, and is heavily frequented during the summer months. Beach vendors and even parades can be seen in the height of tourist season, each causing nearly as much stir as the hubbub of the crowd itself. But if you’ve got a chartered yacht, the coastline near the beach is waiting to be explored, and nearby you can find tiny satellite beaches that feel secluded.


Es Vedrà For a truly exotic and secluded adventure in Ibiza, cruise out to the uninhabited mountain island of Es Vedra . The island’s only residents are native goats, lizards, and an endangered colony of birds that are protected under conservation laws. Take a day and navigate around the island — you’ll enrich your experience doing so, and may even have tales to tell of the sights.


Es Caló , Formentera Once the main harbor of Formentera before the La Savina port was constructed, this site is riddled with history and flavor. The northern coast of Es Calo is a recommended starting place for a tour of the isle, as the rocks just under the water are ready subjects for snorkeling when the light is right. The white sands of the surrounding beaches are as inviting as the water itself, and there’s no shortage of hidden beaches awaiting discovery.


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