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Presented by Samuel Stacey, Communications and Donor Relations, The WorldFish Center. Social media: who hasn’t joined the bandwagon? For many (even most) of us, social media impacts our day-to-day activities by permeating our computers, phones and tablets with lots of information; both useful and utterly useless. Did you know that WorldFish currently operates across 9 different social media channels, each with their own strategies and outcomes? Why and how does WorldFish use social media marketing? How does it help the center achieve its goals to reduce poverty and hunger by improving fisheries and aquaculture? You may not realize, and certainly might be skeptical of the ‘science’ behind this mysterious machine called social media. It may however surprise you to learn that it not only helps further the impact of WorldFish scientific research, but also increases the Center’s global profile and potential international funding from donors.


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The Science of Social Media:

The Science of Social Media

Live social media experiment:

Live social media experiment Twitter LIVE # socialmedia experiement : how may RTs in 1 hour? Darth vader and Batman face off on the subway http:// / KTZCcX Pls Retweet ! Facebook Live social media experiment: how many likes, shares and comments can we get in 1 hour? Darth Vader and Batman face off o n the subway http:// / KTZCcX

PowerPoint Presentation:

What is it and where does WorldFish stand? Impressive statistics of social media use world wide Audience and strategy for WorldFish social media Measuring social media Live and instant social media

PowerPoint Presentation:

Who isn’t using social media? Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, blog, Flickr, Pinterest , Digg … Do you think about how you use your social media? Currently I use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest With 990 followers How many people do you reach when you post? What about WorldFish ?

Current WorldFish Social Media Following:

Current WorldFish Social Media Following Facebook 802 fans Twitter 644 followers Google+ 83 followers YouTube 65 subscribers SlideShare 15 followers Collectively there are over 1,600 followers of WorldFish social media channels

What is social media?:

What is social media?

Social media explained, by donuts:

Social media explained, by donuts Twitter I’m eating a #donut Facebook I like donuts Fousquare This is where I eat donuts Instagram Here’s a vintage photo of my donut YouTube Here I am eating a donut LinkedIn My skills include eating donuts Pinterest Here’s a donut recipe Google+ I’m a Google+ employee who eats donuts (contentious)

Social overload…:

Social overload…

Quick social media statistics to warm you up:

Quick social media statistics to warm you up 22% of total time spent on the internet is used surfing social media channels Facebook has 850+ million members who ‘like’ something 2.7 billion times per day Twitter serves 350 Million tweets a day YouTube shows 4 billion videos every day People upload 4.3 million images to Flickr every day

The power of social media:

The power of social media The most powerful form of marketing w ord of mouth Social media is the digital equivalent of word of mouth marketing Why? Because word of mouth is trusted, as are (generally) the people/organizations you follow

Real example:

Real example WorldFish Tweets to its 644 followers about a new job vacancy… CGIAR retweets the job ad to its 2,944 followers… UN Jobs retweets the job ad to its 21,249 followers… With 1 tweet, potentially 24,837 have now seen the job advertisement


Audience Social media is not just a soap box to broadcast marketing material Remember, it’s social! When posting to social channels, think about your audience; who’s going to receive your message? WorldFish audience: D onors , partners, scientists/researchers, media outlets and the general public

How does social media help WorldFish?:

How does social media help WorldFish ?

PowerPoint Presentation:

News Publications Features Job advertisements Media (photo’s, video, audio, presentations)

Local examples:

Local examples

PowerPoint Presentation:

Publication and social media 1 tweet 5 Facebook shares (organic) 4 ‘likes’ Generated 610 visits 899 publication downloads for March

Amplifying your message:

Amplifying your message Why? Have as many people read your publication online as possible Generate interest in you, your science, and WorldFish activities Reach KPI’s set by WorldFIsh for your publication dissemination and readership, citation

WorldFish on Social Media:

WorldFish on Social Media Primary channels Facebook Twitter Google+ Media channels Flickr YouTube SlideShare AuthorStream Blog Expiscor by Stephen Hall

Social Media Goals:

Social Media Goals Make scientific research available, accessible and easy to digest Grow the WorldFish Center brand Circulate corporate website content and increase traffic Inform interested parties of WorldFish news and activities


Facebook Likeable, engaging, and worth sharing Goals Increase profile of WorldFish Grow a loyal fan base Content types posted to Facebook include: Multimedia additions to WorldFish site; photos, videos, slides, graphics Content additions to the WorldFish website, such as interesting WorldFish news, publications, projects Only the most interesting/’share worthy’ external news External media; photo’s, videos, slides, graphics

Twitter :

Twitter Newsworthy Goals Disseminate job advertisements, media releases, WorldFish news Encourage journalists/media outlets interest in WorldFish and to write articles WorldFish Tweets Contain #hash tags and @mentions or links in every Tweet (where applicable), and do not contain more than 3 #hash tags Are short and sharp – the shorter the message, the easier to digest, and more clicks Are sent whenever there is new WorldFish content worth sharing


Google+ WorldFish website content Goals Early stages of Google+, be seen Social interaction on Google+ improves search engine optimization of content through Google Search Posts to Google+ Are directly related to WorldFish activities, website content, or publications Leverages @mentions and #hash tags Contains engaging introductions and content links to WorldFish content

Media sites:

Media sites Flickr All WorldFish photo’s can be used by anyone, but cannot be altered: Creative Commons Organized into ‘sets’ YouTube Share WorldFish video’s quickly and easily on a trusted, reliable platform Integrated with Google Search SlideShare Presentations by WorldFish staff shared online on SlideShare Easy to share, embed on websites

Some WorldFish Social Media numbers for April:

Some WorldFish Social Media numbers for April Facebook 38 posts 144 like, shared or commented Resulted in 9,765 views of WorldFish posts 211 clicks Twitter 85 tweets 62 retweets 186 clicks

PowerPoint Presentation:

Google+ 30 posts, all new content on the WorldFish website Just 3 interactions – very early days Slideshare presentation views – 4,004 YouTube video views - 1,671 Flickr photo views – 3,569

Measuring social media:

Measuring social media Clicks Klout Facebook insights Google Analytics - NEW What’s important? New followers and fans Number of interactions (likes, comments, shares, retweets ) 2012 target – grow followers across the board by 300% – link shortening: – link shortening


Klout We all have clout, but this is Klout How INFLUENTIAL is WorldFish ?



Facebook demographics:

Facebook demographics

Connectors / Influencers:

Connectors / Influencers Identify influential people in the greater WorldFish network, and connect with them These people/organizations are trusted (word of mouth), have a large following, and people/organizations listen when they speak WorldFish wants to be influential in its core activities, both online and in the real world

Aquatic Agricultural Systems on Social Media – where is it going?:

Aquatic Agricultural Systems on Social Media – where is it going? Twitter Sharing what’s happening with AAS, connecting with journalists, donors, organizations Profile and awareness building Pinterest Boost referral traffic Visuals sell, great photography drives traffic! Vimeo Photofilms and other informative, emotive and content driven videos on Aquatic Agricultural Systems

Live tweeting:

Live tweeting Social media is INSTANT Reach a large number of people in a very short amount of time Enter the # hashtag #

World Examples:

World Examples NFL Superbowl New record set 12,233 per second when the Giants won Arab Spring Topple governments and dictatorships Rally people Occupy Wall Street Began as localized New York movement Became worldwide phenomenon (even if the message was lost) Brought people, groups together

Science application:

Science application Applicable to fisheries, science events World Oceans Upcoming Rio+ 20 Grows profile of event, and connects people attending the event

Going mobile:

Going mobile Social media now permeates daily life Very easy to Tweet, Facebook and share Mobile has made that easy Smartphone dissemination and access improves live and on-the-go social media

Let me put it to you:

Let me put it to you “If you could communicate more in your own voice—in a familiar tone, with a less specialized vocabulary—would a wide range of people understand you better? Would your work be better understood by the general public, policy-makers, funders, and, even in some cases, other scientists?” Alan Alda (Hawkeye, Mash)

Join WorldFish:

Join WorldFish Are you a tweep ? Connect, share and engage Grow your own profile Interact with like minded individuals

PowerPoint Presentation:

200 lab managers were surveyed, of the 200 they used: 157 114 62 36 24 Why did they use it? To expand professional network 134 To gain knowledge 128 To connect with colleagues 112 To exchange knowledge 98 To get scientific news 94

Social Media Science:

Social Media Science Scientific method Hypotheses Measurable Repeatable Follow the guidelines and achieve results



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