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How to Select an Innovative Language Learning Platform Innovative Language Learning Platform Finding an innovative language learning platform is not an easy task. If you take an online search you will be able to have a number of results, but the selection of the right one would be a daunting task. For more Information visit the site : OR call : +91- 9911227531


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Wordsandvideos - Language Learning Portals Amrapali Sapphire J Tower, Flat Number 1702, Sector 45, Noida, 201303, India Mobile : +91- 9911227531 Email Id : Skype : wordsandvideos Online Language Learning Center In Delhi June 15, 2017 Wordsandvideos provides virtual learning platform to help you participate actively in the entire process. Technology has changed and so has changed the needs of the people. We provide a platform that accommodates wide range of teaching techniques and learning styles to allow every student learn at his own pace and in his own unique style. We continually redesign, review and identify tools to maintain the tag of world’s best virtual learning platform. Online Teaching Jobs Opportunities for Teachers Talent speaks: Online teaching profession reveals endless opportunities Physical classroom teaching is now getting outdated due to the advancement of technology and time constraints. Becoming a virtual online teacher can undeniably open the door for you to earn more income with your own time schedules. The 21 st century demands it. The teachers have to have sound knowledge of their source language and basic computer skills, and that’s all. There are a number of opportunities in online teaching if you hold right skills and passion for teaching. What if I is an online language learning portals


would say, even without compromising your routine life, this is possible? Yes, it is. Moreover, you don’t have to pay anything to join, and you can start teaching your students right now. We have created a platform where the students enroll themselves with the aim of learning their desired language and they can search the best suitable teachers for themselves free of cost if the teachers meet their criteria. You can select any of your favourite languages in which you think to have a solid command. Moreover, it is just as good as a physical classroom, even better than that. This approach curtails the international distance even, providing a hassle-free technique to get along with the best teachers of their choice and their suitable time. Teachers can select their teaching quote and if accepted, they can set their lectures keeping in mind the level of their students and their requirements such as basics, intermediate and advanced. The audio-visual teaching methods help the students learn better. Teachers can even set their language priorities and get paid after completing their courses. In other words, this is a platform on which the world gets together with their language learning and sharing goals without any compromises. The teachers have to give the best quality and finish their lectures as per the schedule. There is a community of more than 30000 students to learn a new language and more than 10000 teachers, even more, and more getting added daily to prove their skills. All you have to do is to For m o r e I n f or m a t i on v i s i t t he s i t e : h t t p : // w or d s a nd v i d e o s . c om O R c a ll : + 91 - 991122753 1


register yourself free of cost at , adding your language preferences to teach, making a sound profile as a proficient teacher and that makes it feasible for the students to search out the best option for themselves. So, be a virtual teacher and let your talent speak in a better way. Online Language Training by Native Teachers Online Language Training by Native Teachers is the Easiest Way to Learn Foreign Languages Language training is an exercise which demands a lot of expertise and hard work. When it comes to the matter of a foreign language, the extent of effort needed is even wider. It is not at all an easy task to be in tune with the ups and downs of a foreign language. It needs the best training and scrupulous learning aids. For most of the students, learning a foreign language is something close to a nightmare. The prime reason for this dwells with the lack of confidence they possess when dealing with another language. A foreign language is in every way 'foreign' to a non - native. But regular efforts and practice will surely help to make the situation less severe. Another important area needed to be addressed is the quality of language faculty. The upper hand of native teachers in language For m o r e I n f or m a t i on v i s i t t he s i t e : h t t p : // w or d s a nd v i d e o s . c om O R c a ll : + 91 - 991122753 1


training is indisputable. A number of students who are lucky enough to have a native to teach a foreign language are negligibly small. Ordinary schooling system cannot afford such a luxury. Appointing a native language teacher is nevertheless practical. Here comes the importance of online language training programmes which can offer the service of native teachers for foreign language instruction. The is an online platform providing quality language training for learners across the world. This portal is doing everything possible to popularise the habit of online learning and motivating enthusiastic learners with its available resources. The faculty consists of eminent teachers around the globe, which includes highly experienced hands. These online programmes can successfully substitute ordinary classrooms. The limitations or constraints associated with a classroom are no more valid. As teachers across the world are ready to offer their service, online ventures have the duty to arrange a platform for their lectures. Language students are the most privileged ones, as they are able to learn a foreign language from a native teacher himself. It has its own merits. The learner will be able to follow the right accent from the teacher. The native teacher teaches from his/her firsthand experience with the language. This develops confidence in the learner and he will eventually be flexible with different usages, basic For m o r e I n f or m a t i on v i s i t t he s i t e : h t t p : // w or d s a nd v i d e o s . c om O R c a ll : + 91 - 991122753 1


grammar and all. A native teacher will be well versed in the contemporary literature prevailing in his language. This will be an added advantage for the learner. For m o r e I n f or m a t i on v i s i t t he s i t e : h t t p : // w or d s a nd v i d e o s . c om O R c a ll : + 91 - 991122753 1

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