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Ohio University School of Nursing: 

Ohio University School of Nursing Orientation Tutorial

OU School of Nursing: 

OU School of Nursing We are pleased that you have chosen OU’s RN to BSN Program to continue your education. This tutorial will provide you with valuable information to make your life easier in the months to come. You must complete this tutorial prior to beginning NRSE 300.


Once again, welcome! Please take a few minutes to learn about the SON. Just click on the boxes below. Director’s Welcome SON Facilities Contact Us Meet the Faculty History of the SON SON Mission andamp; Philosophy



IMPORTANT!! The list of materials for your file that you received in the mail, must be received in the SON Athens office by the second week of the quarter or you will be dropped from all nursing courses.

Materials for File: 

Materials for File Copy of malpractice insurance Copy of immunization record Copy of CPR Release of information form HIPAA Form Color Blindness BCI/FBI fingerprinting

You and Ohio University: 

You and Ohio University There are many little bits of information that make functioning in a large bureaucracy much easier. All too often those of us who live and breathe academe forget that not every one shares out excitement in the intricacies of general education requirements versus requirements in the major and the other details of this thing called postsecondary education. Hopefully, the following will help you navigate the hallowed halls of academe.

OU Oak e-mail account: 

OU Oak e-mail account It is imperative that you activate your Oak account as many OU services use this service to send various communications—things like schedules, grades, bills, etc. These will not be mailed to you.

Activating Your Oak ID: 

Activating Your Oak ID To activate your Oak ID, you will need the following: Your Activation letter (contact Information Technology if you have not received this, 740-593-1222) Your PID A valid e-mail address Click Here to Activate

OU Identification Card: 

OU Identification Card A student needs an OU photo identification card to access any OU facility. You can get an OU ID card at any of the campuses. You need to go to the campus and have your photo taken. The photo is sent to Athens where the cards are made. Cards are returned to the regional campus, and you will need to pick yours up at the same campus where you had your picture taken.

Degree Requirements: 

Degree Requirements OU has two sets of graduation requirements: University-wide requirements, which all students must complete, and college-level requirements, which include the requirements for completing your major or minor.

University Wide Requirements: 

University Wide Requirements Complete 192 hours No more than 20 hours taken Pass/Fail will count No more than 8 hrs of developmental courses will count Complete a minimum of 48 hours at Ohio University

General Education: 

General Education Ohio University believes that, as an educated person, you need certain intellectual skills in order to participate effectively in society. These include the following: The ability to communicate through the written word and the ability to use quantitative or symbolic reasoning. Broad knowledge of the major fields of learning. A capacity for evaluation and synthesis.

General Education: 

General Education To help you meet these objectives, OU has instituted a three-tiered General Education Requirement that all baccalaureate degree students must fulfill. Tier I course requirements build your quantitative and English composition skills; Tier II course requirements increase your breadth of knowledge; and the Tier III course requirement develops your ability to interrelate, synthesize, and integrate knowledge from different academic disciplines. All BSN students must complete all three tiers of general education before graduation.

Tier I: 

Tier I Freshman Composition ENG 151 will meet this requirement Quantitative Skills You will need to take a math placement test Statistics will meet this requirement Junior Composition Must have 90 hours to take Any course with a 'J' after the number

Tier II: 

Tier II Complete 30 hours from the 5 areas with at least 1 four-hour course from 4 of the 5 areas. No more than 2 of the required areas may be satisfied with courses from the same department. No more than 12 hours from the same department may apply to the 30-hour requirement.

Tier II: 

Tier II Applied Science and Technology Nutrition will meet this requirement Humanities and Fine Arts Natural Science and Mathematics Anatomy andamp; Physiology, Chemistry, andamp; Microbiology will meet this requirement Social Sciences Psychology and Sociology will meet this requirement Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Tier II: 

Tier II Typically, once nursing students have completed their pre-requisites, the only Tier II they will need to take is one course in either Humanities and Fine Arts or Cross-Cultural Perspectives.

Tier III: 

Tier III Nursing students will take NRSE 455 as a Tier III equivalent course. This will fulfill your Tier III requirement.

College Requirements: 

College Requirements Bachelor of Nursing Prerequisites Required Nursing Education Complete each course with a 'C' or better Other requirements Complete general education and electives as needed to satisfy 192 hours.

BSN Prerequisites: 

BSN Prerequisites Lower Division Nursing NURS 110, 111, 120, 121, 130, 131, 132, 210, 211, 220, 230 English (ENG 151, 152, or 153) Chemistry (CHEM 121) Anatomy andamp; Physiology (BIOS 130 andamp; 131) Psychology (PSY 101) Sociology (SOC 101) Nutrition (HCFN 128) Growth and Development (PSY 273 or HCCF 160) Microbiology (BIOS 201 or 221) Statistics (PSY 120 or 221, MATH 250, QBA 201)

Required Nursing Education: 

Required Nursing Education There are 50 hours in the nursing major (12 courses) NRSE 300 is the first course you take and is the prerequisite for all nursing courses Click Here For Course Descriptions

Clinical Nursing Courses: 

Clinical Nursing Courses NRSE 310, 330, 340 and 445 are considered clinical nursing courses. It is recommended that you do not take more than one clinical course per quarter. Since clinical activity may be conducted in non-traditional settings, students must remember to obtain client consent. Consent forms are available on the SON website.

Client Consent Policy: 

Client Consent Policy You may need to obtain client consent from a client not admitted to a health care agency prior to providing care. Consent forms required for any of the following activities for which the student an client engage: Assessment and implementation andamp;/or evaluation

Client Consent Policy: 

Client Consent Policy Client consent must be obtained and form signed prior to care being administered. Client should sign two copies of consent form. Client retains one copy and one copy forwarded to instructor. If client refuses to sign, student may not render care.


Preceptor Preceptors are utilized in NRSE 445 and may be utilized in NRSE 310. Student is responsible for identifying preceptor andamp; clinical agency in conjunction with faculty member. Process to identify preceptor/agency may take 4-6 weeks andamp; should occur prior to taking the course.

Dress and Appearance: 

Dress and Appearance RN to BSN students do not have specific uniform requirements. Students are expected to be professionally attired when functioning as an OU student. Professional attire may mean a uniform, street clothes, or street clothes with a lab coat. A current OU ID/badge should be with the student during all clinical experiences. The ID card should be worn as a badge when appropriate or when required by agency policy.

Other Requirements: 

Other Requirements Complete General Education Requirements Electives as needed May choose to complete a minor or certificate program May choose early admission to Graduate School if you meet the criteria

Progression in Nursing: 

Progression in Nursing NRSE 300 is the prerequisite for all nursing courses. A student must maintain a 'C' in each nursing course, or the course will need to be retaken prior to taking other nursing courses. Statistics must be completed prior to taking NRSE 405. NRSE 445 and 455 should be the last two nursing courses taken.

Planning Your Program: 

Planning Your Program You are responsible for planning your academic program to meet the requirements for graduation. In order to assist you in planning your academic program, you should consult your advisor. The pattern of course scheduling is also available for you to plan your program. Remember, not all courses are offered each quarter. You should also register for courses early in case courses become full.

Planning Your Program: 

Planning Your Program The nursing programs are all online. Some support courses may be found in an online format. Another option is through Distance Education. This is a different enrollment and the courses are more like correspondence courses. Click Here For Pattern of Course Scheduling Click Here for Distance Education

You and Your Advisor: 

You and Your Advisor You are assigned an academic advisor at the start of your program. The DARS report lists the name of your advisor. Your advisor can help to create an educational plan to meet your academic, professional, and personal goals. The advisor will also assist you in preparing an appropriate schedule of classes. It is strongly recommended that you maintain regular contact with your advisor throughout the program.

Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS): 

Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) A DARS report is issued each quarter by CHHS Student Services. The DARS report is the official program of study. The DARS will include you RAC number and registration access time. The DARS will be mailed to your address printed on the DARS. This report will help you to determine requirements needed for your degree. If you have any questions regarding your DARS, please contact the Associate Director. Click here if you need assistance learning to read a DARS

Attendance Policy: 

Attendance Policy Attendance is a slightly different concept in an online program. No one physically appears in a classroom, but one is expected to be an active participant in the online course requirements.

Attendance Policy: 

Attendance Policy Due dates for assignments will be specified in each course syllabus. There may be penalties for late work. If a student has scheduled a meeting with a client or an agency and cannot attend, it is a student’s responsibility to notify all parties involved.

Learning Groups: 

Learning Groups The OU SON uses learning groups in many of the online RN to BSN courses. It is essential for all students in courses using learning groups to understand personal andamp; professional responsibilities and obligations to other collaborating group members.

Learning Groups: 

Learning Groups In courses where learning groups are used, the group work is not optional andamp; full participation from all students is expected. You may or may not have a choice about the group of students that you work with in every class that utilizes learning groups.

Evaluation of Group Activities: 

Evaluation of Group Activities Many group activities involve the award of participation points. Full award of points designated for activities only occurs when individual students fully meet the expectations for assigned activities based upon criteria set by faculty members for individual classes.

Evaluation of Group Activities: 

Evaluation of Group Activities Only those students who are full contributing members can expect to receive full points for a group activity. Students that do not contribute or whose contribution is less than expected should expect a reduction or even no points awarded. Only contributing members of a group should be listed on group assignments.

Online Education: 

Online Education Online education is largely active learning andamp; usually does not include sitting in a formal or traditional classroom. Active learning activities can often require considerable time to complete. Thus even though you do not take time to go to class, it still takes time to complete the assigned activities for each course.

Online Education: 

Online Education You will be using email to frequently contact your instructor. If you have not heard from your instructor within 48 hours, it is best to assume that your email did not go through. Many times the OU email system will block incoming emails if it thinks there may be a virus. Give a call to the instructor.

Ordering Books: 

Ordering Books Books and supplies may be ordered online. Required texts and supplies will be listed on the nursing website prior to the start of a new quarter. You may order from any vendor that you prefer. Suggested vendors may be found on the SON website.

How to Schedule Your Courses: 

How to Schedule Your Courses The course schedules for each quarter are available online. You can access all offered courses and obtain the call number and find out if a given course has space or not Because of events beyond our control finding all of the BSN nursing courses takes a little inside knowledge.

How to Schedule Your Courses: 

How to Schedule Your Courses Go to the Ohio website: Click on 'Students' Click on 'Course Offerings' You will get a page that has several drop-down menus on it. You will start working your way through these drop-downs. Click Here To Go To Course Offerings

Course Offerings: 

Course Offerings Enter the quarter of interest. This is usually the current quarter or the quarter that follow the one in which you are currently registered. Now you need to select a campus. To see all of the NRSE courses you will need to click on three different campuses (Chillicothe, Southern, and Zanesville)

Course Offerings: 

Course Offerings Continue to complete the drop-down menus. Click on 'Submit' at the bottom of the page, and you should get a listing of the courses offered by faculty based at that campus.

Course Offerings: 

Course Offerings Another place to find the course offerings is at the front door to the online RN to BSN program Click on the blue course andamp; residencies link inside the rectangular box for information about course offerings for the current quarter.

Course Offerings: 

Course Offerings Each BSN faculty member has been assigned a specific campus as home base. Whatever course we teach, it will be listed on our home base campus. So, to discover what everyone is teaching, you have to look at each of those three campuses. Remember though, you do not attend class at that campus, the course is online.

Registering for Classes: 

Registering for Classes To register for classes, you should use the web registration. To access web registration, go to the Ohio web page: and click on 'Students' On the right side, click on 'Registration', this will take you to web registration. You will need your RAC code (look on your most current DARS for your RAC code) and your Oak ID and password

Registering for Classes: 

Registering for Classes If you are unable to register for a NRSE course and need the SON to register you, please send an email to Make sure that your message includes the following: Your full first and last name Your OHIO PID number or SSN The number for each class you want to take A statement giving permission to register you for the class(es)

Permission Slips: 

Permission Slips A permission slip is required to register for a course if you do not meet the prerequisites for the course or if the course if full and you have permission to register for the course from the instructor. Have the instructor send an e-mail to with permission for the student to be registered in the class.

Permission Slips: 

Permission Slips The student must also send an e-mail to along with the student PID number, course number, instructor’s permission, and student’s permission to register to register them in class.

How to Drop a Class: 

How to Drop a Class You may use Web Registration to drop any class except your last class through the 35th calendar day of a quarter. Dropping a class is prohibited after this deadline, but under very exceptional circumstances you may petition your college in writing to make an exception. Notify instructor and SON office Complete the 'drop a course' procedure.

Cancel Registration Before Classes: 

Cancel Registration Before Classes Cancellation of registration is defined as dropping all classes prior to the start of the first day of classes. This means that you have dropped all classes that you are scheduled to take. You may drop the classes via web registration or you can call or visit the registrar’s office or the student services office of your college to obtain a cancellation of registration form, which you then complete and return to the registrar’s office.

Withdrawing from the University: 

Withdrawing from the University Withdrawing from the University is defined as dropping all classes on or after the first day of classes and no later than the day before the last day of classes for the quarter or sub-term Withdrawal is not permitted on or after the last day of classes. This may not be done using Web Registration

Withdrawing from the University: 

Withdrawing from the University Apply for withdrawal by completing a withdrawal request form obtained from CHHS or Regional Campus student services office When the request has been approved by student services office, your withdrawal is processed by the registrar’s office, which grants an official withdrawal after determining that all obligations to the University have been met. For medical withdrawals, see the following policy:

Dismissal from the Program: 

Dismissal from the Program Nursing students are expected to provide safe nursing care and maintain standards as described in the Ohio Student Code of Conduct. Any student who demonstrates behavior which is considered unsafe or a breach of the code of conduct during clinical or classroom or while on university property or at the clinical agency for approved study, will be reviewed through due process and may be subjected to possible dismissal from the nursing program.

Dismissal from the Program: 

Dismissal from the Program Such behaviors include, but are not limited to: academic misconduct, lying, stealing, abuse of client(s), mental or bodily harm, manufacture, distribution, sale, offer for sale, or possession of drugs or narcotics, substance abuse, falsifying nursing data disclosing confidentiality.

Grievance Procedure: 

Grievance Procedure There are two grievance procedures available to students. Appeal of a grade Appeal of a non-grade related grievance Click Here For Grade Appeal Click Here For Grievance Procedure

Needed Computer Skills: 

Needed Computer Skills You need to be proficient at using the following: Internet Email Attaching documents to email Using Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) If you do not have these skills, you should take a course in computer literacy.

Computer Hardware: 

Computer Hardware The RN to BSN program is an online program. To be effective in the courses of this program, you will need to have regular access to a reasonable modern computer with a reliable Internet connection. The minimum requirements are listed in the following slides. It is essential that you meet these requirements before starting an online course or you may find yourself struggling to catch up at the start of the quarter.

Computer Requirements: 

Computer Requirements You will need regular access to a computer with an Internet connection. Your computer must have a reliable and reasonably speedy Internet connection. A conventional modem-based 56kbps should be sufficient. Access to a faster connection is preferable and may enhance your experience when viewing online video content.

Computer Requirements: 

Computer Requirements You must have an e-mail account and use it regularly. Your Web browser must be reasonably modern. You will also need some additional free software for enhanced web browsing. You will need Microsoft Office. More in-depth information may be found in the RN to BSN Handbook on the SON website.

Computer Requirements: 

Computer Requirements Microsoft Office Students need to purchase Microsoft Office. You may purchase it for $70 at Ohio University. You will need your student ID card. Faculty will not be able to open your assignments unless they are done in Microsoft Word.


Graduation A student may apply online for graduation at usually during the first two weeks of the quarter. A student may request a graduation check from the Associate Director prior to applying for graduation. A student should apply for graduation and pay the graduation fee no later than the date published for the quarter they wish to graduate.

Accessing Your Course(s): 

Accessing Your Course(s) In order to access the RN to BSN Online Program, you will need to go to the following website: You will need a user name and password to enter. This will be different than you Oak ID.


                            In order to access your Nursing My Courses page, you must first login. Click Here and Follow the Directions to Obtain Your Login andamp; Password This is the login Page for your Courses.

Accessing Your Course(s): 

Accessing Your Course(s) Each course has a web site associated with it. The online course provides an overview of the course, lists course readings, requirements and deadlines. The course is broken into multiple learning modules, which contain specific learning outcomes that are achieved via learning activities, readings and assignments.

“My Courses” Page: 

'My Courses' Page The top of the screen welcomes you personally. Beneath the welcome, are links to the courses in which you are enrolled. Beneath the courses are communication sections. General Communication Area: links to address book functions and the Help Desk Course Communication Area: discussion area for each course you are enrolled

Course Navigation: 

Course Navigation Once you click on a course link on the 'My Courses' page, the next screen has four distinct areas: The course navigation on the left The module navigation near the top The course content in the middle The utilities links at the bottom

Course Navigation: 

Course Navigation After you log in to a course, the course introduction page will be displayed. This page contains all of the introductory information for your course (i.e. overview, readings, requirements, etc).

Course Navigation: 

Course Navigation To access the learning modules for a course, simply click on the 'Module' buttons on the left. When you click one of these buttons three things happen. The text for the learning module is displayed in the course in the middle of your screen. The navigation controls on the left are updated to show that you are in the requested learning module. A second form of navigation is shown at the top of the screen. This allows you to quickly access the sections present in the current learning module.

Course Navigation: 

Course Navigation At the bottom of the screen, a utilities section will always be present to allow you to quickly: Access help (the technical help desk) Access your 'My Courses' page Submit Work Access the course references and glossary, if one is available for the course

Submitting Assignments: 

Submitting Assignments Write your paper using Microsoft Word. When you have completed the paper and are ready to electronically submit it to the faculty, click on the 'Submit Work' button in the corresponding course. A page will then be displayed with instructions for completing the submission. It’s a pretty simple process of creating a main topic in the Work Submission discussion with an appropriate subject and attaching your Microsoft Word document.

Submitting Assignments: 

Submitting Assignments When you 'Submit Your Topic' to the Work Submission discussion you will receive a message thanking you for submitting your assignment. Remember to create a folder to keep a copy of all your assignments in on your desktop in case it gets lost in cyberspace. Your faculty member will grade the assignment and send it back to you.

Online Discussion: 

Online Discussion Online discussions are an important component of the program. The discussion boards are used as a form of communication between the faculty and students. The discussion boards are asynchronous, meaning everyone does not have to be on at the same time.


Questions Now that you have read through everything, you are probably thinking that you will never figure out the online education. NEVER FEAR! Once you access the 'My Courses' page, you can access a self-guided tutorial on the online course system.


We also realize that this will be your first course. Remember to relax and the instructor will help you get use to the system. We know that it can be confusing at first, but after a few weeks, you will feel like an old hand at it. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are having problems. Any problems that you are having with the system should be referred to our technical help, Mike Snavely (


Only a few more things to do and you will be done! You will need to complete the demographic survey and send it to the SON. You will also need to print out the orientation certificate, fill in the information and send that to the SON. Click Here For Demographic Survey Click Here For Orientation Certificate


Name Has completed the online nursing tutorial. Date Mail to: School of Nursing Grover E365 Athens, OH 45701

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