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Perkins IV Technical Assistance WorkshopApril 4, 2007Welcome!: 

Perkins IV Technical Assistance Workshop April 4, 2007 Welcome!


Agenda Welcome andamp; Introductions What’s New in OCTE? Career Clusters/Programs of Study Perkins IV Local Transition Plan – Required Elements New Responsibilities under Perkins IV Accountability - Historical and New Core Indicators Programs of Study Tech Prep Partnerships Required Use of Perkins IV Funds New Perkins Local Application Announcements – New Inventory Requirements Perkins Data Collection Workshops State Funds Request for Proposal Questions?

What’s New in OCTE?: 

What’s New in OCTE? Perkins IV – The Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 Career Clusters OCTE Initiatives - Senior Projects - Youth Internships - Teachers as Advisors - Career Guidance/Guidance Central State Scholars Initiative

Perkins IV – What’s New?: 

Perkins IV – What’s New? Accountability aligned with NCLB 1S1 – Academic, reading/language arts attainment 1S2 – Academic, mathematics attainment 4S1 – Graduation rate

Perkins IV – What’s New? : 

Perkins IV – What’s New? Negotiated levels of performance for local recipients Professional development – high quality, sustained, intensive and focused on instruction, not a 1-time shot Technical skills attainment measure that is valid andamp; reliable, not a grade or a percentage in a program Sanctions on State and local recipients for not meeting accountability requirements Final narratives available in multiple formats including electronically

Career Clusters: 

Career Clusters Career Cluster Committees Program of Study Common ‘Core’ Standards for each CTE course Units of Instruction using UBD (Understanding by Design) Assessment


Example of Hospitality andamp; Tourism Program of Study

‘Core’ Course Standards: 

‘Core’ Course Standards

Program of Study: 

Program of Study Foundational CTE: A course that could apply across all 16 clusters, taught by any certified CTE teacher. FACS teacher could teach an employability course and the approved Ag teacher could count employability as part of his/her program of study. Cluster A course that could fit more than one pathway within a cluster. The skills taught in such a course would be applicable in all the pathways.

Program of Study: 

Program of Study Pathway A course particular to a specific pathway within a cluster. Academic A course that supports either a pathway specific course, a foundational cluster course, or both. Academic courses are non-CTE courses that teach the knowledge and skills necessary for application in CTE courses Capstone Experience Senior Project or Youth Internship related to the Cluster/Pathway

Example Program of Study for Education & Training: 

Example Program of Study for Education andamp; Training

Example Program of Study for Architecture & Construction: 

Example Program of Study for Architecture andamp; Construction


Foundational Cluster Pathway Capstone .5 Unit .5 Unit Academic at least 1 HS Unit Approved Program of Study 2 Carnegie Units


Foundational Cluster Pathway Capstone .5 Unit .5 Unit Academic at least 1 HS Unit Approved Program of Study 2 Carnegie Units


Foundational Cluster Pathway Capstone .5 Unit .5 Unit Academic at least 1 HS Unit Approved Program of Study 2 Carnegie Units

Local Transition Plan : 

Local Transition Plan Purposes of Perkins IV Developing challenging academic and technical skills Integrating rigorous academic and CTE instruction Increasing State/local flexibility Conducting/disseminating research Providing technical assistance Supporting secondary/postsecondary/ business partnerships Developing knowledge and skills to prosper in a global environment

Required Elements of Local Transition Plans: 

Required Elements of Local Transition Plans How will eligible recipients meet State and local adjusted levels of performance? How will eligible recipients offer programs of study? How will CTE programs be carried out? How will eligible recipients provide sustainable professional development for teachers, administrators, career guidance personnel? How will others be informed about the Perkins requirements, including programs of study?

Required Elements, cont’d: 

Required Elements, cont’d 6. How will you provide CTE programs of the size, scope and quality to improve CTE? 7. How will you evaluate and continuously improve CTE programs? How will you provide services to special populations, including nontraditional students? How will you insure nondiscrimination? How will you use funds to promote preparation for nontraditional fields? How will you provide career guidance and academic counseling to CTE students? How will you participate in efforts to recruit and retain CTE teachers?

Group Activity: 

Group Activity

New Requirements for Perkins IV : 

New Requirements for Perkins IV Accountability Programs of Study Negotiating Local Levels of Performance

Historical Core Indicators of Performance for Perkins III Accountability1999-2006: 

Historical Core Indicators of Performance for Perkins III Accountability 1999-2006 Standards andamp; Measures Perkins Accountability







Perkins IV Accountability Core Indicators of Performance: 

Perkins IV Accountability Core Indicators of Performance 1S1 Academic Attainment – Reading/Language Arts 1S2 Academic Attainment – Math 2S1 Technical Skill Attainment 3S1 Secondary School Completion 4S1 Student Graduation Rate 5S1 Secondary Placement 6S1 Nontraditional Participation 6S2 Nontraditional Completion


Perkins Accountability Consortium School A Human Services School B Business School C Stand Alone School or Multi-District Negotiate levels of Performance for each measure. Attainment: Each measure for all programs at one school will be averaged together. All Schools will be averaged together Direct Perkins Funds based on Accountability Measure Results Health Sciences Architecture STEM Ag Human Services Marketing Ag Manufacturing

New Roles : 

New Roles Tech Prep Partnerships State Staff assigned to eligible recipients of Perkins funds

Required Use of Perkins Funds: 

Required Use of Perkins Funds To strengthen the academic and career and technical skills of students To link secondary and postsecondary career and technical education To provide students with strong experience in the understanding of all aspects of an industry, including work-based learning To develop, improve, or expand the use of technology in career and technical education To provide professional development programs

Required Use of Funds: 

Required Use of Funds 6. To develop and implement evaluations of career and technical education programs 7. To initiate, improve, expand, and modernize quality career and technical education programs, including relevant technology 8. To provide services and activities that are of sufficient size, scope, and quality to be effective 9. To provide activities to prepare special populations, including single parents and displaced homemakers enrolled in career and technical education programs, for high skill, high wage, or high demand occupations

Put on Your Thinking Cap: 

Put on Your Thinking Cap

New Perkins IV Application: 

New Perkins IV Application Budget Form Instructions New Assurances Request Justifications Amendments



Equipment NEW DEFINITION OF EQUIPMENT -- No monetary value attached to equipment -- Useful life of one year or more What does this include? Any ideas?


Equipment Equipment purchased with Perkins funds belongs to SD Department of Education. Equipment must be inventoried at the local level, coded to Perkins, and identified by serial #, bar code or some other means. Equipment purchased with Perkins funds must be located in the CTE classroom or lab. When a program closes, equipment purchased with Perkins $ may be transferred to another program or returned to SD DOE. No equipment can be disposed of or moved without prior approval of OCTE.

This & That: 

This andamp; That Annual Program Approval Applications - Due March 1, 2007 (has come andamp; gone) Perkins Data Collection Workshops April andamp; May Perkins Annual Budget Application due May 4, 2007 Local Transition Plan due no later than June 30, 2007 All funds obligated by June 30, 2008.

More This ‘n’ That: 

More This ‘n’ That OCTE ‘Pathways to Success’ Joint Conference, July 30-August 2, 2007, Pierre OCTE Professional Development, Pierre -- Writing to Win, August 1-3 -- Math Integration, August 2-3 Program Improvement Process, Fall 2007 Phone: 605-773-3423 or 773-4463



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