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Sabine Neches PORTS Update: 

Sabine Neches PORTS Update South East Texas Waterways Advisory Committee Meeting Clayton Henderson - JCWND for Darren Wright – PORTS Program Manager January 24, 2007

PORTS Update: 

PORTS Update June 6th, 2006 - Requirements review July/August 2006 – Planning Documents Developed Project Planning Document Microsoft Project Plan Draft Agreement September-January – Agreement negotiated.

Agreement : 

Agreement 99% of agreement has been mutually agreed upon. One indemnification clause still being negotiated. Clause being reviewed by NOAA Lawyers Process also delayed by the holidays.

Equal Time: 

Equal Time NOAA is planning six PORTS installations in CY2007. All planning documents, project plans and agreements are in the works simultaneously. Agreements completed in three of the six PORTS.

Difference Between Supplemental PORTS and Sabine-Neches PORTS: 

Difference Between Supplemental PORTS and Sabine-Neches PORTS Supplemental PORTS Monies available up front from Hurricane Katrina Supplemental. Able to purchase equipment right away. Sabine-Neches PORTS Agreement required before the exchange of monies. Equipment Purchase and Installation cannot occur until the exchange of monies.

Sabine-Neches PORTS Timeline: 

Sabine-Neches PORTS Timeline Signed agreement by March 30, 2007 (including NOAA’s agreement office signatures – up to two months). Installation Contractor selected by June 29, 2007. Equipment purchased, tested and received by installation contractor by August 30, 2007. Equipment installation complete by November 30, 2007. PORTS Operational by January 1, 2008. Very conservative timeline.

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