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INTERNATIONAL HOUSING ASSOCIATION ANNUAL MEETING 2008 Hotel Ritz Carlton, Grand Lakes Resort Salon I&II Orlando, Florida, USA Tuesday, February 12, 2008 Jorge Diez de Bonilla Centro Impulsor de la Construcción y la Habitación, A.C.


National Financing Programme 2007 Reduction: co financing and federal subsidies (up to 5,000 USD). Mortgages : Sofoles, Commercial and development Banks. (1) Others: Orevis, Issfam, Pemex, PEFVM, CFE, LFC, PET y Habitat A.C. * Estimate


National Financing programme 2008 Entidades Financieras : Sofoles, Banca Comercial y de Desarrollo. Otras Entidades: Orevis, Issfam, Pemex, PEFVM, CFE, LFC, PET y Habitat A.C. The most ambitious housing goals for the six years period: Six million mortgages in 6 years. Three millions for low income families (up to 4 minimum wages= dlls 600/month and federal subsidies (over 100,000/year).


National Housing aims 2007- 2012 To increase low income families assistance. To increase sustainable housing development (green mortgages, better sustainable cities). To Consolidate the National Housing System (to improve public sector coordination and information). To consolidate the National subsidies programmed for low income workers and self employees, sustainable housing mortgage and high density.


National development Plan and National Infrastructure Programme 2012 Goals: To world rank México among the 30 best infrastructure countries. To become one of the most important logistic platforms based on its geographical position and international agreement's net. To promote regional development equilibrium focused in the center and southeastern less developed regions. To develop and improve tourist infrastructure. Structural Reforms required: Energy Labor Taxes Politics


Real estate and flexibility about location preferences. 96% consider housing a good investment and 85% prefer retirement fond. “Baby boomers”market


National population Council and American Populations Census 15% Americans to Mexican housing in 2030. Aging: 9.7% of total Zacatecas state population 65+inmigrants Mexican States Priorities for American retired

Expected effects: 

Expected effects Sub prime effect: credits in pesos at fixed rate, easier eviction procedures, down payment sustaining, unemployment insurance. Tax and interest rate reduction. US Recession impact (main commercial partner 80% exports mainly manufacturers) Temporary Oil surplus. Diminishing remittances (country men migrants ) Tax reform (IETU tax increase) Higher rates at stock market . Red tape, increasing land values and construction materials (cement, steel) Preventive government approach: internal market strengthen, strong infrastructure and housing investment (50% to low income)


Low medium class housing market saturation Low income housing shortage (up to18,000 dls.) Population 105 millions and 25 millions dwellings stock. Water and sewerage, public transportation, garbage, deforestation: key problems. (3.4%) drop of housing market Lack of adequate municipal services (school, hospitals, parks) Construction materials (steel, cement, aggregates) US economic crisis Housing Overview


Conclusions The GDP growing expectancy for this year will be reduced from 3.7 to 2.7%. National economic policies to face US crisis will not suffice. That will surely affect family economy and its possibilities to invest in a new home. Mexican remittances will be also diminished. Mexican housing market is shrinking in the beginning of this year in more than 3%. Non bank banks are having big problems to obtain funds from stock market because of interest rates increasing. We are very much interested in knowing new Green Building technologies and strongly support the IHA Award Program proposed

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