15 Man on the Moon

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Lift-off of one of the Saturn V rockets carrying astronauts to the moon. The Saturn V rocket is taken to the launch pad. The building next to the rocket was the largest building in the world in 1969.


The first three astronauts to go to the moon were: (l-r) Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Edwin Aldrin. Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon and Edwin Adlrin was the second. Michael Collins stayed in the small rocket that orbited the moon to take everyone back to earth.


An astronaut salutes the American flag, The lunar module and the lunar rover are to the right of the flag. An astronaut takes a soil sample that will be studied on the earth. The space suit keeps the astronaut alive by providing air and keeping him safe from very hot temperatures.


An astronaut practices with his space suit. Each part, the gloves, the boots, the helmet, the top and the bottom sections of the suit must be air tight. The space suit astronauts wore on the moon kept them safe. On the earth the suit was very heavy, but on the moon, it didn’t weigh as much. Do you know why?


When the earth shakes, we call it an earthquake. This astronaut is doing an experiment to see if the moon shakes. It would be called a “moonquake.” The lunar module is what the astronauts used to land on the moon. It is where they lived for the small amount of time they stayed on the moon.


Six rockets with astronauts landed on the moon. Each group of astronauts placed an American flag in the ground to mark their landing spot. The lunar rover was the electric car that allowed astronauts to drive slightly farther than they could walk. Three different cars were taken to the moon.


Wherever astronauts went on the moon, the sky was always black. Do you know why the moon never has a blue sky? Astronauts explored many areas of the moon, collected rocks and soil to study when they returned to the earth.


If you made a footprint on the earth, it would soon be gone. On the moon footprints will last forever. Why do you think this is so? On the earth we talk about the sun rising and the moon rising. On the moon, the earth rises!


When the astronauts returned to earth, their space capsules always landed in the ocean. Fortunately for them the capsules floated!

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