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Mission To identify domestic tour operators needs for specific types of travel products and to educate operators on the diverse range of Kansas destinations and attractions. Assist domestic tour operators and wholesalers with opportunities to create and market individual and group tour packages throughout the state.

National Tour Association (NTA): 

National Tour Association (NTA) 2003 Convention – Charlotte, NC At the marketplace, 27 appointments were conducted. At the Kansas dinner event, 32 tour operators and guests were in attendance. 2004 Convention – Toronto, Canada KSTT will attend and participate in the appointment sessions. KSTT & 27 Kansas tourism partners will host a dinner event for a tour operators.

American Bus Association (ABA): 

American Bus Association (ABA) 2004 Convention – New York City, NY KSTT did not attend. 2005 Convention – Chicago, IL KSTT will attend and participate in the marketplace appointment sessions.

Bank Travel: 

Bank Travel 2004 Conference – Myrtle Beach, SC KSTT did not attend. 2005 Conference – Biloxi, MS KSTT will attend and participate in the appointment sessions.

Familiarization (FAM) Tour: 

Familiarization (FAM) Tour 2004 Twenty-four group tour planners participated. A travel show was conducted in Salina to showcase the entire state. Eighteen additional group tour planners attended the travel show. 2005 KSTT will work with the Motorcoach Marketing Alliance in the planning of future tours.

Special Events: 

Special Events 2004 KSTT worked with the Lawrence Cowboy Winter Gathering in January. Ten group tour planners attended the event.

On-Line Group Tour Planner: 

On-Line Group Tour Planner 2005 Resource tool for group tour planners. KSTT is currently working on creating this website. Information will be requested from your community as it progresses.

Group Tour 101: 

Group Tour 101 2005 Two workshops will be presented. If you attend one of these sessions, the program will be available for you to present to others in your communities.

Motorcoach Marketing Alliance: 

Motorcoach Marketing Alliance 2004 Six meetings held throughout the state. Group tour planner presentations have been a highlight. 2005 The alliance will be lead and supported by the industry. Any tourism partner may join along with a $10 per person membership fee.


2005 MMA Officers are: President - Jan Hiebert, Greater Wichita CVB Vice-President – Jennifer Currier, Overland Park CVB Secretary – Sylvia Rice, Salina Chamber of Commerce Treasurer – Jason Camis, Franklin County CVB Committees are: Special Events FAM Tour/Sales Blitz Marketing Media Programming Nominating

Tracking Program: 

Tracking Program FY2004 New on-line tracking program started. Fifty-eight Kansas tourism partners reported motorcoach day trips and overnight stays. Over $2.3 million dollars was reported in overnight motorcoach activity. Village Tours & the WIBC was a major contributor to the day trip motorcoach activity.

2004 Tracking Awards: 

2004 Tracking Awards Best Day Trip Reporting Best Overnight Reporting Best Tracking Method

Contact Information:: 

Contact Information: Kelli Hilliard Group Tour Manager (785) 296-4922

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