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I distributed it to email lists for the purpose of Fund Raising for Tsunami Victims. I think it was successful, as I got many requests for information all over the world in few days. Lets hope, such will never occur again.

By: guir (149 month(s) ago)

Hi! This slide show is created by me after a Tsunami hit Sri Lanka, in 2004. Accidentally I found it in AuhtorStream. I would like to thank you for being interested on this. G U I Ramadasa

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Help Victims of tragic Tsunamis: 

Help Victims of tragic Tsunamis Violent Tsunamis hit Sri Lankan Coastal areas caused many thousands of people to lost their lives. More than 28500 killed. Many thousands missing. More than one million were displaced. Was it predicted ? No one either could predict it or believe it after the incident. No tsunami hasn’t been reported form Sri Lanka or the subcontinent for the past 2000 years (In the age of Princess Vihara Maha Devi). Sri Lanka was also in Earthquake safe zone. So how anyone could predict it ? . 700 kmpH 30 Feet High Even Buses were floating There should be an end of worrying. We should now think how to stand up on wreckages as a strong proud nation, not like before the tsunamis . This slide show should may only used for understanding the scale of destruction, not for everlasting worries.


Today, in the morning my house was here. Sea was 1km away from the house. But now, where’s my house ? How can I believe that Sea came 1 km inland. When will us get a shelter from the sun and rain again ? Many many thousands of houses are flushed off. Only what we can do with dead bodies is to burry them. But how can we help this living victims. They must live some few more decades. What was happened ? What is happening ? What will Happen ?


Where are my Children ? Over 28500 killed. Many thousands missing. Lost Children 26 – 12 - 2004


Sleeping in rest ? How much is the average Life Expectancy ? Over 28500 bodies recovered. Tsunamis hit violently southern, eastern, western and northern coastal areas. No age barriers !


It will take months to reestablish these railways and highways. No power, water supply. Congestion full communications Coastal railways. At some areas, rails were uprooted, twisted and hanging over 6 feet above the land. In Kahawa most fearful train accident took place. Very few survived. Only two carriages were found. Others can be found nowhere.


Maximum Allowed Weight 30 tons. Water Resistant Vehicles Runway Independency Sometimes we do fly in the sky. But on 26th we also did swimming andamp; diving.



Flooding Sea water at Madamppegama


Cars floating over the sea Rescue Operations Crashed along with water Many vehicles were gone with the water violently. A victim traveled in a van said he found the way to live some more after thrown off to a coconut tree top. That’s about 40 feet high


Can you believe the strength of these Tsunamis ? Over 700 kmpH in speed. Over 30 feet high After the first destructive earthquake more than other 80 earthquake was happened. Minor ones has been reported from also Sri Lankan Hill Country.


andgt; Neighbour India A victim of eastern coast, Sri Lanka A victim at Lunawa lagoon, Sri Lanka


The Science of Tsunamis and earthquakes


Help Sri Lanka !!! Donate Any Useful material Also Donate Financially. Not Only short-term, But also long-term. All the victims need your help. Let your nation to resist this tragedy. Dry Food. Drinking water Cloths Medicines Fuel Candles Boxes of Matches. SEND Anything useful.


Hon. Prime Minister M. Rajapaksa called on all Sri Lankans to work together, regardless of politics, religion, or ethnic background. His office at the Temple Trees has already started a hotline for relief funds and information. The contact numbers are: Tel: (+94)(0)(11)2542871 or (+94)(0)(11)2392047 Fax: (+94)(0)(11)2321404 This operation is being coordinated personally by the Prime Minister through his Secretary Lalith Weeratunga. Government’s tsunami info:


For more info: Organizations collecting donations List of Required Medicine Photos of tsunami destruction We are happy to say that the number of organizations collecting donations has been increased rapidly. Therefore we think its much better publishing it in a website other than including in this slide show. In such a way we can be keep up-to-date as much as possible.


Please let us andamp; others know details of other organizations GUIRzOne members can mail directly to Please Forward this among many people as much as possible. GUIRzOne

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