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Department of Materials “Business” Masters students Finding information at Queen Mary, University of London October 2007 Finding books at (1) Queen Mary (2) at other London colleges and universities (3) at the British Library, St Pancras, London, and the British Library, Document Supply Centre, Boston Spa, North of England Finding books “in print” (available for purchase) using Amazon Finding electronic and printed periodicals (also called journals) Searching “Information databases” to find papers in periodicals Second workshop later to search information databases in detail Second workshop : information about your Athens username to use some electronic journals and databases, and access off campus

Kathy Abbott, Subject Librarian (Materials): 

Kathy Abbott, Subject Librarian (Materials) Your questions to “ask a Librarian” on Library web page You can ask general questions about the Main Library to “ask a Librarian” or at the Help Desk on the Ground Floor Information guides on the web Lots of information on the Web But don’t be afraid to ask! Please wave your hand and ask your question!

Information guides on the web: 

Information guides on the web From Home page, click The Library. Click your subject, click Materials. Please bookmark the Finding Information web page See the Information guides and information skills training link for your Materials guide and this PowerPoint presentation, as a reminder


Library Reception Team


Kathy’s office Q books TA books Main Library, First Floor


Kathy’s office, First Floor


Always keep your personal belongings with you Everywhere in London, thieves operate Strangers have entered the Library, and have stolen handbags left on the floor by chairs, and wallets left in jackets on the back of chairs, while the student is sitting concentrating on their work Keep your personal belongings close to you, on your body or in your sight

The end of the Library rules!: 

The end of the Library rules! Always have your Student/Library card with you No eating, no drinking (except plain bottled water), no smoking anywhere on campus Switch off your mobile phones!


Photocopying Combined ‘account’ with printing on Computing Services’ Student Service Copy charges: A4, 4p : A3, 8p 12 copiers at Mile End Library + 1 colour copier Change machine on Ground Floor - changes £5 & £10 notes into £1 coins Basic copiers - will do reductions & enlargements, but not transparencies, not double sided copying Show the barcode on your Student card to the barcode scanner on each copier. Then key your Library PIN Press the return key on the key pad to finish photocopying


To photocopiers

Payment system for printing & photocopying: 

Payment system for printing & photocopying You receive an initial free allocation of 100 prints/photocopies To top up your print/photocopying credit, purchase scratch cards Available from vending machines at Mile End Library (£1 & £5 cards) Enter your details & the scratch card number on the Computing Services print credit top-up web page The web page can be accessed from Library catalogue terminals, QM teaching service computers, and Computing Services web pages


Scratch card vending machines

Library photocopying: 

Library photocopying The photocopying service is not operated by the Library staff. It is a franchised service. If you need help with the mechanics of the photocopiers, you need Harry, the photocopying engineer. He is often by the photocopiers, either on the Ground Floor or on the landings. If you cannot find him, ask the Library Reception Team at the Library Entrance where he is. He also goes to the Whitechapel Library.


Different formats for information Talking to and communicating with experts & others Books - textbooks and research monographs Postgraduate theses (UK) (Plural, singular is thesis), dissertations (USA) Market research reports, law reports, technical reports Conference papers (Symposia - plural of symposium, meetings) Patents - very important for you Standards Periodical (also called journals, magazines) articles (also called papers) Handbooks, encyclopedias (one available online, on the web)


To search for information effectively, you need to: identify important concepts choose keywords, including synonyms e.g. Quality assurance, QA and related terms e.g. Young’s modulus, modulus of elasticity consider truncation – e.g. some people may say polymer, others may say polymers, some economic, others economics In many information sources, you can search for the beginning of a word plus any ending with (for example) economic* with a *, ?, $ or : as a symbol for right hand truncation select your library catalogue information database web portal/gateway/directory or web search engine read the instructions or help – very important!


Consider your topic, and break it down into separate parts/concepts e.g. Project management in civil engineering Break down : project management civil engineering (you would also need to consider building, construction) (not always easy or obvious how to break down a subject) find any “Controlled vocabulary” available (selected keywords for the subject area) In America, people say aluminum, British people say aluminium Some people say molding, other people say moulding There are different terms which mean the same : US, USA, United States of America, America So people who index information use controlled vocabulary from a list of keywords, often listed online or in a printed thesaurus, to try to help you find all the information you need consider how to combine concepts (using Boolean logic OR, AND) do your search, refine if necessary repeat your search in different information sources


Queen Mary Library catalogue (1) From Home page, click The Library. Click your subject, click Materials. Please bookmark the Finding Information : Materials web page. You can also use the Subject Librarian’s pages for Business Click on Library catalogue, select Main Library catalogue Demonstration of search by Author AND Title (Tidd and innovation). Click on Guided search NO Controlled vocabulary in the Library catalogue, so you must think of alternative keywords for your subject Right hand truncation symbol is $, e.g. manag$ “Wildcard” symbol is ?, e.g. organi?ation You can combine different “fields” with Boolean logic AND, OR, NOT Using words or phrase, or title search : technolog$ innov$ or your own example


HD45 is the classmark, the place where we look on the shelves TID is the 3-letter shelving code United States Library of Congress classification scheme


Kathy’s office QA books T books


How to borrow a book from the Library Find it on the ordinary shelves on the First (or Second) Floor Go to the Issue Counter on the Ground Floor Show your Student/Library card so that the staff can see your photo and can scan the barcode with the lightpen Open the book so the barcode can be scanned Say “Please may I borrow this book?”

Obtaining a Short Loan Collection copy: 

Obtaining a Short Loan Collection copy Note the author, title and classmark Go to the Issue Counter on the Ground Floor Ask for the book by the author, title and classmark (write it on a piece of paper if you like) One day loan, or over the weekend


Ground Floor Issue Counter

Booking an SLC copy in advance: 

Booking an SLC copy in advance New system to “book” a copy of a book kept in the Short Loan Collection in advance, for the day you want to borrow it “Book SLC Loan” Then you can plan your work in advance


Returning a Short Loan Collection copy Return the book to the Issue Counter, and make sure it is properly discharged from your name When the Library is closed, you may return books by “posting” them through the letter box to the left of the green doors. The letter box is called the “Out of hours book return”


Out- of-hours book return Main Library, North Entrance


Looking for books on a subject Our catalogue isn’t clever. There is no controlled vocabulary You have to think of alternative keywords different keywords to describe the same subject singular and plural words If you search for more than one keyword, the catalogue uses the Boolean logic AND between the words. It assumes you want BOTH keywords

Materials Dept course information on the web: 

Materials Dept course information on the web Information for Postgraduates Courses, Lecture Notes & Past Papers Reading lists link to the Library catalogue


$ : “right-hand truncation” You can use a symbol : $ at the right hand end of a word to stand for no characters, or any number of characters So if you search writ$ report$, and click Search, or in Guided search, words or phrase, the Library catalogue searches for writing reports report writing how to write reports how to write a report, etc


Queen Mary Library catalogue (2) Search for information about “entrepreneurship in Europe” use words or phrase key entrepreneur$ europ$ do not use subject search - it only searches US Library of Congress Subject Headings Useful books for your research planning : Rogerson, Project skills handbook Technical report writing Handbook for speakers


Queen Mary Library : Library catalogue (3) Key the classmark, or use Guided search : Call number, to look for all the books the library has at a particular classmark, including those out of the Library “on loan” to your colleagues People borrow all the best books from the Library To make them return the books, you must place Holds

Placing a Hold on a book which is “on loan” to other users: 

Placing a Hold on a book which is “on loan” to other users If all items are On loan, all the Library’s copies of a book are “out on loan” to other users You must “place a Hold” : click the Place Hold button Then the Library will send an e-mail to the people who have the book “out on loan” if it is an ordinary loan. One Week Loan books are due back within one week in teaching period They must then “return” the book to the Library Issue Counter on the Ground Floor Then the Library will send you an e-mail, saying you can collect the copy from the Issue Counter on the Ground Floor

Check your loans/holds: 

Check your loans/holds For your Library barcode #, you need the number underneath the barcode on your Student/Library card For your PIN (4 figure Library security number), if you did not receive your PIN when you registered with Computing Services, please ask for it at the Library Issue Counter, Ground Floor


Sometimes, the catalogue says that a copy of a book is Available for Loan, NOT on loan, but when you look on the shelves, you cannot find it. Someone may be looking at it in the Library PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP! FILL IN A GREEN MISSING ITEM RESERVATION CARD AND HAND THE CARD IN AT THE ISSUE COUNTER ON THE GROUND FLOOR


Green Missing Item Reservation cards


Green Missing Item Reservation cards


Library catalogue : Self Service (1) Change PIN, to a number you can remember more easily (2) Check your Loans, Holds and Bookings (3) Renew books over the Internet or by phone 6 times for One Week Loan copies and 3 times for Ordinary Loan copies (= extend the loan, after the date it is “Due back” to the Library), if no one else has placed a Hold, before you need to carry the books into the Library. Then, when maximum no. of self-service renewals reached, at the Issue Counter, please say “Please may I renew this book?”

IEL IEEE/IET Electronic Library: 

IEL IEEE/IET Electronic Library The full text online of all periodicals, conferences and standards since 1988 (and some earlier important publications) of Institution of Engineering and Technology (was Institution of Electrical Engineers) (IET, UK based, but international) Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE, US based, but international) A fantastic resource, on the Web. It costs £49,000 a year. Includes IEEE engineering management review IEEE transactions on engineering management


Queen Mary Library - finding periodicals, also called journals, magazines To find the most up-to-date information about electronic journals, use the Electronic journals list Looking for the title of whole periodicals Harvard business review Journal of materials science, abbreviations usually work, try J Mat Sci click swirly S on right hand side Printed periodicals before 1980 may be in a store on site - you have to request with printed blue form or Self Service web form - Request a store item


Very recent science and engineering periodicals Older science and engineering periodicals. Social Science periodicals on the Second Floor, Law periodicals in the Law section


Catalogues of other libraries. Also Bookshops Click on the Catalogues of other libraries link Senate House Library for economics, management, psychology and sociology. You may borrow books. You can also access ABI/Inform remotely University College, Imperial College City Business Library Other useful libraries listed in your guide British Library Integrated Catalogue A lot of information is secret or confidential in some way - commercial or defence related. Many market intelligence reports are extremely expensive and difficult to obtain. The British Library, St Pancras does have a section for business information Diversion to Amazon books for books “in print” (available for purchase) :


British Library Integrated Catalogue, for St Pancras, London Back to Catalogues of other libraries link British Library Integrated Catalogue. Click on Search the Integrated Catalogue. Look at the Search hints. ? is the symbol for right hand truncation DSC = Document Supply = BLDSC Boston Spa, Yorkshire, Science, Technology and Business = St Pancras, London. Search entrepreneur? technolog? Click on title for more information. You can look at Shelfmarks for where you find it at the British Library, St Pancras (B) for books, (P) for periodicals : open access in Science reading rooms. Many books on closed access. You must request them. You may order in advance YK2000.a.7991 is special shelfmark : not on open access. In fact, kept at British Library, Boston Spa,Yorkshire. So books take two days to arrive at British Library, St Pancras, London

Going to the British Library at St Pancras: 

Going to the British Library at St Pancras See Catalogues of other libraries Information for QM on how to use the British Library Travel by tube : Mile End to Liverpool St, then any train on Hammersmith and City Line platform to King’s Cross. Or 205 bus from Bus stop F, outside Venus in the Park restaurant on south side of Mile End Road, towards Eastbourne Terrace You need to take special forms of identification When you have a Reader Pass, you can order items in advance using the British Library Integrated Catalogue from BLDSC and the stores so that they are ready when you visit

British Library St Pancras: 

British Library St Pancras Marketing information Patents

Finding papers in periodicals on a specific topic: 

Finding papers in periodicals on a specific topic Too many periodicals (journals, magazines) to read Need to use databases which index papers in periodicals

Information databases - indexes to the published, evaluated literature: 

Information databases - indexes to the published, evaluated literature At QM, we have access to many information databases in all subjects You may need to check database links for Materials students, Engineering students, Business, Law (e.g. Westlaw) We also have many newspapers available electronically, including Economist and Financial Times - provide reviews of market sectors, etc


Second hands-on workshop - also opportunity to ask questions 1) All Business students must attend Databases hands-on workshop Monday 8 October 2007, 1000 - 1130, this room Francis Bancroft 1.15a 2) Optional workshop Compendex : index for engineering Friday 12 October 2007, 1400 - 1530, this room Francis Bancroft 1.15a


QM Department of Materials “Business” Masters students Please logout from the Student Service, click on Start - shutdown - shutdown Do you have some questions, please? Introduction to Finding Information at QM October 2007 Comments and feedback are always welcome matsbusiness.ppt 29 Sept 2007

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