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BEARS Grizzly Bears Polar Bears Panda Bears

Grizzly Bears: 

Grizzly Bears over a hundred different types of plants, many species of insects, fish, ground squirrels, and several larger animals as well. They are carnivores.  ...have a large hump of muscle and fat over the shoulder that gives them strength and power. This muscle is very useful for digging. ...have long front claws that are also useful for digging, tearing apart logs in search of insects, and other foods.

Did you know…: 

Did you know… ...can be any color (brown, cinnamon, blonde, black), but are most often a dark brown with silver-tipped hairs giving them a 'grizzly' look. ...have forty-two teeth. ...can live up to thirty years in the wild, but normally up to twenty-five

More Grizzly Facts: 

More Grizzly Facts ...can run thirty-five to forty miles per hour. ...are ...have between one and three cubs at a time. ...give birth during their winter sleep, usually in January or February very curious and love to play.

Polar Bears: 

Polar Bears Polar Bears live in the Artic. Their fur is usually white, but can look yellow in the summer. A polar bears skin is black.

More about Polar Bears: 

More about Polar Bears Their paws are big, and this makes them great swimmers. The cubs are usually born between November and January. They live to be 25 to 30 years old.

Did you know…: 

Did you know… Mother polar bears usually have between one and five cubs every three to four years. The cubs are born with their eyes closed. Polar bears are carnivores and they like to eat seals.

Panda Bears : 

Panda Bears Panda Bears are the most loved and popular bears in the world.


Bears can be fun! Now you know many new facts about three different kinds of bears. Thanks for watching my slide show! Grizzly Bear Polar Bear Panda Bears

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