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Solving the Puzzle of the Universe: 

Solving the Puzzle of the Universe + - Not useful for teachers

CERN (general information 2004): 

CERN (general information 2004) + - Not useful for teachers

Poster le Prix Nobel de Physique 2003: 

Poster le Prix Nobel de Physique 2003 + well done BUT - too specialized Not enough attracting


Calendar + - Not attractive Should be bigger if use in the laboratory or classroom

CERN Seeking Uniting…: 

CERN Seeking Uniting… + Good ( specially the dates) - Just some repetitions with ‘‘CERN: first laboratory of research in particles physics’’

CERN: First Laboratory of Particles Physics Research: 

CERN: First Laboratory of Particles Physics Research + Good specially the design - Just repeating information with ‘’ CERN seeking..’’

Applying the Accelerator- industrial applications: 

Applying the Accelerator- industrial applications + Contents OK, photos are missing - No good design ( colors , pictures, no photos)

Applying the Accelerator- research applications: 

Applying the Accelerator- research applications + Subject good BUT Need photos for every paragraph - No good design ( pictures, colors)

Applying the accelerator - future applications: 

Applying the accelerator - future applications + Good subject - Bad design, not enough colors Should be add some equations of reactions. Need photos


WWW + Good subject - Bad design ( colors, no photos)

Matter and Antimatter: 

Matter and Antimatter + Good subject But we need to be associated with another brochure (as one about standard model, or antimatter fabric or…) - Colors to change


ALICE + Good subject - Page 1: Photos need subtitles Page2: time of evolution isn’t visible Page 5 : Photos too smalls Page 6: Description of detector’s elements is missing. Maybe a Photo would be better It could be useful to add the characteristics of the magnetic field and compare it with some classroom’s experiment.

The ATLAS Experiment: 

The ATLAS Experiment + Page 2 and 3 Good contents - Page 1: not optimistic.. Too dark We need a better map of LHC Page 2 and 3 we need a real photo with description of the elements Bad visibility of the titles We need to see the characteristics of the magnetic field in the solenoid, and maybe compare it with a solenoid use in the classroom Page 4 : photos not useful, maybe a photo of each element could be better.


LEP + Useful to know the important discoveries Maybe could be included in a general brochure about ‘’ how to accelerate a particle’’ - Page 1:Descovery of W and Z aren’t well presented Paragraph 'Mass and energy' should be more detailed in the general brochure ' how to accelerate' or 'particles'… Page 2 : should be developed in a general brochure 'how to accelerate' with formulas level 18th Page 3 :


Booklet + Page 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,23,24,25 to keep Format A4 good ( for photocopies) - Page: 10,11,12,13 should be included in brochures about LHC Page : 14,15 ,16, 17 should be in a new brochure ' detectors' Page 18 should be included in the brochure AA Page 19, 20 , 21 should be separate and put in the teacher pack. We need one page with summary of the Cd and all links to brochures

Teacher Pack: 

Teacher Pack We would like: One booklet One Cd ( to be detailed)

Teacher Pack: 

Teacher Pack We would like: One booklet One cd ( to be detailed) Posters Worksheets + experiments One video Games (?)


booklet Page: 2 – 9, glossary, worksheets (particles, standard model, accelerators, bubble chambers, astroparticle and artificial physics, microcosm) Experiments (cloud chambers, heisenberg incertitude, …. ) Transparenties (LHC, SM, accelerators, detectors, applications)


cd PPT : summary of brochures, '1- 28' ( from detailed list ) Flash animations '1, 5, 7,12,22, 24, 25' Video '2, 3,5,9' Booklet on cd posters(?)


posters Photo Jura and Alpes with LHC Table of particles From Univers to quarks Detector Accelerator Picture from bubble chamber

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