How to make a countdown calendar in WishSimply


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Learn how to make a free countdown calendar in WishSimply. Follow well illustrated instructions and make your own at


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How to make your own free countdown calendar in WishSimply 1 Go to 2 Click Create/go to your calendar

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3 Login / Register to the service with Facebook or Google account.

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4 Click somewhere in the calendar details area marked with red box to open the Calendar details box.

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5 Set the last day of your choice and click save. In this example I used Christmas Eve 2018-12- 24. 6 Click Create a new item.

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7 Add an image text and link or just one of them and then click Save.

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8 Then click Preview. 9 Check that it looks good and then click Close preview at the bottom of the page.

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10 Then add more boxes to your calendar until it is ready. You can also change the title from My Calendar to something else if you like but I kept it as it was. You can also add a small header image/logo but it is not required. 11 Finally invite people to see your countdown calendar by clicking the invite button. Or you can make the calendar public from the settings and share the url as you like. Thats it. Try it out at

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