Laminated Copper Connectors - How they are made and used


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Laminated Copper Connectors: How they’re made and used?


How are laminated copper connectors made? Copper connectors are also called flexible jumpers . They are made from high conductivity electrolytic grades of copper. These connectors are manufactured by stacking several leaves of electrolytic copper on top of one another. A high pressure and current is applied to this stack. Metal diffusion occurs where the metal melts and becomes a uniform bond. This gives the copper a small millivolt drops across the copper connector. This increases the current-carrying ability of the jumper.


Where are laminated copper connectors used? These flexible connectors may be used as elastic expansion joint to connect busbars in power plants, switchgear industries, caustic soda, bus ducts, transformers, resistance welding engineering, Galvano Engineering, electric locomotives, etc.


How are laminated copper connectors made? These connectors prevent damage from occurring to other switchgears or machine parts. They handle dynamic and thermal stresses caused by a short in circuit current system. These jumpers must handle movements within the switchgear and machines. Press welding is the most common method for producing laminated copper connectors. This method involves the application of direct pressure and current to the copper strips. It results in a solid palm.


Why is press welding the preferred method? Using pressing welding, there is minimal resistance which increases the life of the product and reduces downtime. Welding also creates some of the best electrical and mechanical properties. If you have a specific requirement for your copper connector, contact your local supplier. To order your laminated copper connectors today, contact Ganpati Wires.


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