6. Winston Calvert of St. Louis, MO: Fighting for Economic Justice

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As a public relations consultant based in St. Louis, MO, Winston Calvert helps clients with strategic communications and relationships with the press.


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F I G H T I N G F O R E C O N O M I C J U S T I C E Winston Calvert St. LouisMo

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W I N S T O N C A L V E R T S T . L O U I S M O As a former city counselor to the City of St. Louis MO Winston Calvert was involved in some issues that touched on the heart of the city’s economy: minimum wage. “I was honored to be trusted with leading the preparation of a minimum wage ordinance and leading the litigation team that won a court judgment that the ordinance was constitutional.” he said.

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W I N S T O N C A L V E R T S T . L O U I S M O In early 2017 the Missouri Supreme Court upheld the ordinance that Calvert and others had come up with. Given the legal ruling the minimum wage in St. Louis would rise to 10 and eventually to 18 in 2018. The minimum wage average around the country is 7.25 per hour as mandated by the federal government in July 2016.

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W I N S T O N C A L V E R T S T . L O U I S M O The ruling in Missouri is expected to a make a significant difference in the lives of low-wage workers in the city. The state’s minimum wage is about 7.70 more than 2 less what the city has mandated employees to earn. While the ordinance was passed in 2015 court battles have slowed down progress with businesses arguing that the measure conflicted with Missouri state law.

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W I N S T O N C A L V E R T S T . L O U I S M O The legal battle in St. Louis is among many that have been happening in cities and states across the nation. Labor activists in various states have played an active role in getting local minimum wages raised but legislatures have in turn responded by passing state laws that nullify the attempts. As many as 17 states have “preemption” laws awaiting passage that could repeal wage hikes.

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W I N S T O N C A L V E R T S T . L O U I S M O Winston Calvert’s work in raising minimum wages was among many other issues he worked on during his term as City Counselor to the City of St. Louis MO. He also helped revamp laws that regulated business in the city contributed to the enactment of municipal court reform and identified creative business models for the city to welcome.

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W I N S T O N C A L V E R T S T . L O U I S M O https://winstoncalvertstlouismo.wordpress.com/ https://winstoncalvertstlouismo.tumblr.com/ http://winstoncalvertstlouismo.blogspot.in/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBwEAQ7_pmLvFVdQX8rwdWg http://www.dailymotion.com/winston-catvert

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