Different Types Of Rail Joints Used In Rail System

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Different Types Of Rail Joints Used In Rail System:

Different Types Of Rail Joints Used In Rail System

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The rail joints which are commonly known as the rail fish plates are important component in the rail track system. It is used to connect two rail tracks together. Many versions and numbers of track joints are available today.

Most Commonly Used Types Of Joints:

Most Commonly Used Types Of Joints Bolted Joints Compromise Joints Insulated Joints

Bolted Joints:

Bolted Joints

Compromise Joints:

Compromise Joints

Insulated Joints :

Insulated Joints

Different Purposes Of Joints :

D ifferent Purposes Of Joints The bolted joints - One is used to connect the rail track much before they are being welded together. The compromise joints - The two rails that are belonging to different sections are joined together using the compromise joints.

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The insulated joints – They are very commonly used in the track system. This one is used as bonded or non bonded joints.

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