Some Common Issues in Claiming Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Los A

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If the injury received prevents you from filing a report within 30 days, you could have your attorney extend the deadline. Keep in mind that this is only possible on rare occasions when your injury actually prevents you from filing an injury report. Speak with best Los Angeles Workers Compensation Attorney and learn how you can extend the deadline if your injury is serious.


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Some Common Isses in Claiming Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Los Angeles NEW CLIENTS ONLY 818-609-7005 EXISTING CLIENTS 818-600-4714

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CLAIM YOUR WORKERS COMP BENEFITS By defal every injred individal in he sae of California is eniled o receive workers compensaion as long as he injry was received a he workplace. However someimes hings become difficl and he insrance companies preven yo from geing yor promised compensaion. Every case has poenial isses. Are yo aware of he mos common isses ha may occr when yo ry and claim yor worker’s compensaion benefis

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FAILURE TO REPORT THE INJURY ON TIM The firs and he mos imporan hing wih every compensaion is reporing he injry as soon as yo are able. The insrance company wans o proec is bes ineress and will herefore do everyhing in is power o preven yo from geing yor promised benefis. They will look a every single deail of yor claim and deny i for even he smalles of reasons.

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FAILED TO REPORT THE INJURY ON TIME If yo failed o repor he injry on ime sally yo have p o 30 days o repor he injry he chances are ha yo won’ be able o receive yor benefis. This is why i is imporan o speak wih yor speriors and le hem know of yor injry as soon as i happens.

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FILING A REPORT WITHIN 30 DAYS If he injry received prevens yo from filing a repor wihin 30 days yo cold have yor aorney exend he deadline. Keep in mind ha his is only possible on rare occasions when yor injry acally prevens yo from filing an injry repor. Speak wih bes Los Angeles Workers Compensaion Aorney and learn how yo can exend he deadline if yor injry is serios.

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INCOMPLETE FORM Anoher common isse in claiming workers compensaion benefis is he form yo sbmied. Have yo doble or riple checked everyhing on he form before sbmiing i Are all informaion inclded valid and flly provided Once his happens no even an aorney can help yo. For his and oher reasons hey encorage yo no o go alone hrogh he process b conac he bes Workers Compensaion Aorney in Los Angeles insead.

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YOUR DOCTOR SAYS THE INJURIES ARE NOT WORK RELATE This does no happen ofen b when i does i can creae qie a confsion. Wha do yo do if yor docor says ha he injry is no work-relaed In mos cases yo will receive paid medical reamens a he docor’s office which was appoined by he insrance company. And yo shold be aware ha yo have he righ o a second opinion.

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