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International Outreach Status: 

International Outreach Status Darrell Ernst Presented at 14th ICTS Meeting Las Vegas, Nevada 25 October 2005

CY 2005 Completed Activities and Events: 

CY 2005 Completed Activities and Events International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) – Bangkok – Feb – Ernst Indian Aeronautical Development Agency – Bangalore – February – Mayer Singapore Civil Aviation Authority – Singapore - February – ICTS info carried by Dr. C. C. Hsin (MITRE) Asian Pacific Telecommunities (APT) – Bangkok – February – Did not attend but ICAO reps facilitated at APT meeting European Aerospace Testing Exposition – Hamburg, Germany – March – Lyons, Mayer

CY 2005 Completed Activities and Events (continued): 

CY 2005 Completed Activities and Events (continued) UK Ministry of Defence, UK Civil Aviation Administration – Bristol, UK – March – Chalfant, Ernst, Keane WP 8B Meeting – Geneva – April – Ernst, Mayer, Weaver, Jenkins, others Society of Flight Test Engineers/NATO Conference – Warsaw – May – Lyons, Mayer ESA Sounding & Balloon Conference – Norway – May - Mayer ETTC2005 – Toulouse – June – Chalfant, Ryan, Ernst, Keane, Mayer, Ghnassia Good outcomes Video Distribution by MITRE Asia Operations - on-going - Ernst China, Korea, Japan, Singapore have received information to-date

CY 2005 Completed Activities and Events (continued): 

CY 2005 Completed Activities and Events (continued) PACOM Spectrum Conference – Honolulu – July – Chalfant

Upcoming Activities: 

Upcoming Activities Region II ICTS Conference - ITC – Las Vegas – October – Now Aerospace Testing Expo 2005 North America – Long Beach, CA – 8-10 November - Ortigoza Seoul, Korea – 1 November KARI – Mayer Seoul, Korea – 3 November – Ministry of Information & Communication – Mayer, Ernst Region III ICTS Conference - SETE – Brisbane – 7 November – Chalfant, Crouch, Mayer, Ernst LIMA ’05 – Malaysia – 6-11 December 2005 – May re-plan with other travel The Asian Aerospace 2006, Singapore, February 2006 – in work China – 2006 - in work

Upcoming Activities: 

Upcoming Activities Thailand – 2006 – in work India – 2006 – in work Japan – 2006 – in work CHALLENGES Russian Federation flight test community – in work - Mayer Arabic nations – Middle East – on hold The Dubai Int. Aerospace - November 2005 – recommend dropping

How We Plan: 

How We Plan VENUE: Korea DATES: 2-3 Nov 2005 LOCATION: Seoul TEAM: Mayer, Ernst, Dobbs HOST: 2 Nov: US Forces Korea, Joint Frequency Management Office for ROK Ministry of National Defense (MND) Joint Staff. 3 Nov: Ministry of Information & Communications (MIC) STRATEGY: Formal meetings scheduled by hosts TARGETS and Team Member Assignments Table Users/Assigned to : MND Joint Staff/Ernst Freq. Agency/Assigned to: MIC, Mr. Um Jingyu/Ernst, Mayer; MIC Directors/Dobbs; Dr. Kwag Young K/Ernst, Mayer; -KARI/Mayer; Flight Vehicle Research Center, National University, Seoul/Mayer; Korea Aerospace Industries/Mayer; Hyundai Space & Aircraft/Mayer; Radio Research Laboratory; Korea Institute of Information and Cryptology (KIISC), Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI); KT Corporation Political: Ministry of Science & Technology; Agency for Defense Development; Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy; MND CHECKLIST: N/A__ Invitations (ICTS Letterhead) Not required – Hosted by others N/A__ Letters of introduction (ICTS Letterhead) ____ List of ministry contacts for each target country _XX_ List of ITU delegates for each target country _XX_ List of ITU Regional organization delegates for each country (APT, CEPT, CITEL, etc)

Who We Try to Talk To: 

Who We Try to Talk To Ministry of communications Frequency management agency ( if different from MoC) Ministry of defense/air force/navy/ army Civil aviation authorities Scientific research institutes for technology development Airlines Other users as appropriate

Sample Letter of Invitation: 

Sample Letter of Invitation  Signed by appropriate ICTS representative  Addressed to specific individuals

Calendar of Venue Opportunities: 

Calendar of Venue Opportunities YOUR SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME


Outcomes France UK Germany Australia Brazil Sweden Norway Korea Japan China India Singapore Indonesia South Africa Outreach has had positive outcomes (i.e., promising contacts or outright success) with: Remaining challenges include ICAO, Canada, Russia, Arab nations

ICTS Outreach Team: 

ICTS Outreach Team Following ICTS members perform most of the international outreach Tim Chalfant Gerhard Mayer Steve Lyons Darrell Ernst Major contributors at one or more of the three annual regional ICTS conferences, in addition to above, include Jean-Marie Berges Jean-Claude Ghnassia Jean Isnard Mikel Ryan Darryl Holtmeyer Dave Portigal Viv Crouch

The ICTS Venue: 

The ICTS Venue The Alpha Team

Note 1: 

Note 1 Major focus of ICTS for 2004 and 2005 has been on WRC Agenda Item 1.5. The CTEIP Program funded the development and production of a video on the importance of telemetry and AI 1.5 to the economies of all nations. The video is a major part of the ICTS outreach to aviation and test people around the world. The video is produced in the two different international standards (PAL and NTSC). Approximately 800 copies have been distributed and the video itself has been seen by over 1,600 individuals

Notes 2 & 3: 

Notes 2 & 3 ICTS is addressing interference with telemetry by unlicensed devices, and technologies needed to telemeter in bands above 3 GHz Interference with flight test communications systems increasing ICTS continues to address telemetry technologies for efficient spectrum usage

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