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Wilco Plumbing Services Gas Leak

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How to recognise a gas leak and what to do Harm to vegetation Gas leaks which are too small to pose an explosive hazard may still affect vegetation causing the decline and death of lawns or large shade trees. In addition to leaks from natural gas pipes methane and other gases migrating from landfill garbage disposal sites can cause necrosis in grass weeds or trees. In some cases leaking gas may migrate as far as 100 feet from the source of the leak. Harm to animals Small animals and birds are more sensitive to toxic gases including the methane and carbon monoxide present in natural gas. The expression “canary in a coal mine” derives from the historical practice of using a canary as an animal sentinel to detect toxic naturally-occurring coal gas. Greenhouse gas emissions Methane the primary part of natural gas is up to 120 times as potent a greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Thus the release of unburned natural gas produces much stronger effects than the carbon dioxide that would have been released if the gas had been burned as intended. Spotting a dry patch of grass in your yard is one of many signs of a potential gas leaks. That’s why you should rely on all of your senses and look for one of the following: 1. A damaged connection to a gas appliance 2. Dirt or water being blown into the air 3. Dead or dying plants and vegetation near pipeline 4. A fire or explosion near a pipeline 5. Exposed pipeline after an earthquake fire flood or other natural disaster 2 Listen An unusual sound such as a hissing whistling or roaring sound near your gas line or your gas appliances could be a result of gas leaks. Smell Natural gas has a very distinctive smell. Some people may not be able to smell the gas because they have a bad sense of smell or because the smell is being masked or hidden by other smells that are present in the location such as cooking damp musty or chemical smells. In addition certain conditions in pipe and soil can cause smell to fade – the loss of odorant so that it is not detectable by smell. Smell a gas leak Contact a plumber immediately.

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