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Wilco Plumbing Services Repairing Pipes Sweating Pipes

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Sweating occurs when the water inside the pipe is colder than the surrounding air. When the warm air hits the cold pipes moisture forms on the pipes which drips making it sound like a leak. When you have a sweating pipe you can control it by insulating the pipe. You can find different kinds of self- adhesive thick drip tape to curb this problem. Make sure you dry the pipe as much as you can before applying the tape. Sometimes there is a lot of water dripping from the pipe which makes it difficult to find the source of leakage. In such a case a closer inspection may reveal that the pipe may not be leaking leaking but sweating or condensing instead. Repairing Pipes 2 Repairing Sweating Pipes Stopping Water Hammer Water hammer is a noise that occurs when fast moving water is suddenly brought to a halt as you close the tap creating a shock wave. Water hammer occurs when the air chambers or cushions that suppress this shock wave and soften the blow have become waterlogged.

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