Repairing Pipes - Insulating Hot Water Pipes

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Wilco Plumbing Services Repairing Pipes Insulating Hot Water Pipers

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If you have easy access to the pipes insulating hot water pipes can be an easy process. Your pipe insulation options include polyethylene neoprene foam and fibreglass wrap. Insulating your pipes that carry hot water to the different faucets allow you to reduce heat loss from pipes increase the temperature of the delivered water by 4 degrees and allows you to turn down your water heater thus saving energy. Let’s learn how you can insulate your hot water pipes to reap the benefits: 1. Use a mild cleanser applied on a rag to clean the pipes of grease and dirt. Before installing the insulation make sure the pipes are thoroughly dry. 2. Select insulation and wrap it around the pipe with a ½-inch overlap in case of foil or fibreglass insulation. Use a duct tape at the ends to secure the insulation. 3. Make sure that the corners and bends are wrapped correctly without leaving any space in between. If you are using fibreglass insulation wrap it in plastic to prevent condensation from dripping. 4. You can also use tubular-sleeve insulation which is easy to install and available in many sizes. To install it simply cut the sleeve to the desired length and wrap it around the pipe. If the pipe is long you may need more than one sleeve use duct tape where two ends meet Repairing Pipes 2 Insulating Hot Water Pipes

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