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Wilco Plumbing Services Repairing Pipes Noisy Pipers

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Noisy pipes can be a nuisance and destroy the peaceful environment in your home. When you hear noises every time you open the water tap it is most likely that the pipe is striking against something. Repairing Noisy Pipes If you can see the pipes you can easily fix the noise by following its source. However if the noisy pipes are in between walls there are still ways you can fix it without tearing your house apart. You can place foam insulation or padding where the pipes emerge from the wall. Sometimes the noise from the pipes results from it getting loose from its strap and banging against the wall which it should be secured to otherwise. In case you face such a problem you can simply cut a rubber patch and fit it into the gap to prevent it from making any noise. If it is a masonry wall you may silence it with a wooden block.

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