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Jane, An Online Teacher…:

J ane , An Online Teacher… Recently, started teaching at w iZ iQ

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She conducted a public class on English 101…

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Attendance turned out pretty well.. And she was happy with the number of students..

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During the session, she met Tim , Joe and Tina and found them to be serious students in need of help….

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J ane thinks that she can help these students reach their learning goals through her online course.

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To contact them, she goes to her Learner Connections at WiZ iQ and adds them as a contact. Already agreed to be a contact Add as a contact

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Once they are added, she instantly gets their contact information like….. Email id: Contact Number Address

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She quickly talks to them over the phone and decides the time for the next class…

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Tim , Joe and Tina are happy that they can easily learn online…

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And their positive response makes J ane happy.

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J ane teaches her students in private online classes on wiziq at a time convenient both for her and her students.

you too can easily Reach and Teach your students online…:

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