Orcas of the Pacific Northwest part 1


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The Southern Resident orcas of the Pacific Northwest are awesome beings! Throughout the year, they can be seen in the waters around the San Juan Islands. Shore-based viewing of these incredible whales is best along the west-side of San Juan Island during the summer months. These killer whales are endangered and need your help.


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Orcas of the Pacific Northwest Part One

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Orcas live in family groups called pods that stay together their entire lives.

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Even adult males and females remain with their mothers throughout their lifetimes… …in what is possibly the strongest bond in nature.

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Newborn calves swim right by the sides of their caring mothers…

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…or in the protective keeping of an older sibling.

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Families travel together.

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And play together.

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Why do whales spyhop?

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Are they watching us as we are watching them?

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Why do they breach? Is it a way to remove parasites? A form of communication?

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Or is it just for fun?

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There is still so much to learn.

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The Southern Resident orcas of the Pacific Northwest are endangered.

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They need your help.

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