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Florida Builders Engineers West Palm Beach, Florida (877) 894-8001 We are a Florida Licensed Engineering and a Florida Licensed Land Surveying Company with over 25 year experience in New Construction Project Planning for both Commercial and Residential Construction Planning throughout Florida. We have worked of both large and small projects from Key West, Florida to Orlando, Florida. Our Engineering staff and permit processors work closely with all the local building departments throughout Florida to ensure your project plans are approved immediately.


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Focusing On Concrete Restoration And Repair By West Palm Beach Engineering Companies For an old building concrete repair is solid fact of life. This especially caters to South Florida buildings. The „salt air‟ is the primary reason for the concrete glitches. Concisely the chlorides present in the air encroach into the concrete. Resultantly the rebar lying inside the concrete starts expanding and rusting. Consequently it ruptures and cracks. You can this breach a “spall”. You consider these spalls as a failure as it can engineer a collapse. It‟s for this reason that counties and cities in this region take these things very seriously. The West Palm Beach Engineering firms have over the years performed hundreds of concrete restoration projects. The profile The West Palm Beach Engineering experts know that your main concerned is price. The company focuses on changing the potentially costly complicated and long process into a smooth one. There are in-house managers and engineers providing you with the best road map to a fast and successful project. They can identify and minimize the issues at the beginning. Few firms also have the in-house resources to provide a one-stop-shop approach to clients. This makes them a construction company and an engineering firm as well. They have a special insight which regular engineering firms cannot provide. Serious issues and repairs You have electrical items roofing and waterproofing as some of the other most severe issues. To ensure proper structural repairs the Engineering Firms In West Palm Beach perform Epoxy injection wherein they fill up voids in broken and cracked concrete. They also undertake repair and replacement of spalls and rebar. In this procedure the technicians cut out a calculated and spalled diameter of the concrete. They clean the inbuilt rebar. Resultantly they use special techniques and materials to fill up the void creating a stronger and better structure. The other services The Engineering Firms In West Palm Beach focus on removing and replacing deteriorated concrete. You need to know that sometimes concrete surfaces are beyond repair. Removal and replacement is the only solution in this regard. The engineers provide repairing services on grade. This process stabilizes and strengthens concrete slabs through pressure grouting underneath the concrete surface. One of the most pivotal and advanced services is the anchoring of delaminated masonry and putting them back to the concerned substrate. This process is about re-attaching the masonry which includes veneer walls and bricks to either concrete or/and hollow concrete chunks/blocks.

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Reasons to hire The engineering firms employ licensed and seasoned contractors and engineers as their staff. They are not only well-known and established companies specializing in concrete repairs but they also have their in-house construction teams. The construction companies also have their own equipment and full-time staff. Additionally they are bonded and licensed to 20000000. All these factors allow the companies to not only provide clients with an accurate inspection but also provide you the most cost-efficient and best solutions. They can also perform premium expansion joint control and expansion repairs and installations. They remove and replace existing malfunctioning joint material.

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Know the Different Aspects OfWest Palm Beach Building Inspection Services In addition to the regular 40-year inspections and concrete repair and restoration services the trained structural engineers in South Florida can provide premium West Palm Beach Building Inspection services. There are qualified threshold inspections and special inspections. You‟ve a designated threshold inspector to perform the special inspector services. Inspections are pivotal in the construction industry for any property. The concerned inspector will arrive at the project site and provide sealed and signed reports. These reports will approve the work the contractors did or disapprove it. You need to remember that a special inspector is someone who should be independent and no company patronage. On the basics A threshold inspector performs a West Palm Beach Building Inspection to ensure that everything is done in the right manner. Depending on your county or city your inspector will need a written report to conduct the inspection. Additionally the inspector has to submit intermittent reports and periodic reports or documents that showcase and prove the construction merit passage or failure of the inspections. Eventually the inspector submits a statement of certification expressing the compliance of the project with the Florida Building Code and plans. The companies can provide certified experienced inspectors depending on the wants and needs of clients. The cost of hiring an inspector varies greatly depending on the size of the property/scope and frequency of inspection. Know the basics In the realm of West Palm Beach Building Inspection there is a difference between a Threshold inspector and a Special Inspector. The property owner must pay for the inspector who oversees parts of the inspection work. This professional also gives the Final Certification. On most occasions these scopes include the structural systems which include ensuring that the technicians install the trusses correctly. They also check if there is proper amount of/and quality reinforced steel in the columns. Services at a glance So there‟s one major difference between the types of inspectors. You need a Threshold inspector for large buildings. They are licensed professional engineers with years of experience in West Palm Beach Building Inspection services and design. The competitive rates on the two types of inspections are pretty competitive. The inspectors can provide you with complete guidance throughout the process. Additionally they can help you with dealing with all the documents and paperwork. They can inspect tie beams masonry structural and reinforcing steel piles footings shoringroofing and columns. They also inspect elevated slabs and floor slabs and the surface post tensioning.

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Water control and waterproofing A vital aspect of structural engineering the experts give Polyurethane Injection to places where water comes through cracks or chunks. You can find water seeping through the holes in a basement. The engineers also perform waterproofing and coatings. There are many systems on the market. For masonry and concrete coatings they use acrylic polyurethane epoxy and more. You have numerous coating systems on the market which include pedestrian and vehicular traffic coating systems. They design these systems to withstand chemicals and wear. They also have aesthetics.

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Asking the code compliance experts to Fix My Code Violations West Palm Beach If you a property owner and received a code violation read on. The objective of code compliance is to attain compliance and ensure property maintenance regulations and standards. Although it may seem that the building department is penalizing you it‟s actually a very crucial way to maintain safe and structurally strong buildings in a city. You can ask the trained engineering teams specializing in code compliance and code violations to Fix My Code Violations in West Palm Beach. They know all the local building regulations and codes and can fix your code violations in a quick and affordable manner. You don‟t need to contact other authorities or parties to do the needful. The basic aspects The most pivotal thing to do after receiving code violating is to take prompt action to Fix My Code Violations in West Palm Beach. If you don‟t know what needs necessitate correction what‟s the exact way of correction or if you‟re working towards rectifying the concerned violation but need more time due to unforeseen circumstances it‟s very crucial to call the code compliances experts without delay. They can assess your situation and provide a solution. You can thus avoid hefty fines and costly penalties. The service merit The code violation experts make an extensive inspection of your home or building. They contact the concerned Code Compliance Officer for discussing your issues. In majority of cases the experts can Fix My Code Violations in West Palm Beach with a simple and steady As-Built Certification letter. There are other more complicated turfs where the standard measures may not reap any benefits. In that case they request extra time to prepare calculations and as-built plans to conform to county and city building codes. Failure to rectify violations may lead to a case snowballing to the Special Magistrate. It may have the potential to invite heavy fines and incur costs that they charge. They may also place a lien against your property. There‟s no question of letting such a thing happen to you. Don‟t put your home in jeopardy. Plans and permits At the time of submitting a permit you need to submit proper plans and documentation to the concerned Building Division. You can find checklists at the permit counter. They inform the client or the representative of the minimum plan requisites and documentation for submitting a typical new construction. You need to submit all these construction plans and documents to obtain permits. The compliance code makes it essential for you to assign a professional engineer or architect to design the improvements. Going for the correction If the company install or construct the improvement without proper inspection during the construction you have an added headache. The design expert has to certify the work components for thorough compliance with the state and county codes. It should also be complaint with the as-built drawings that the professional makes. The drawings also detect code deficiencies on the proposed and plan corrections. If the property violates the Code Enforcement Rules you need to Fix My Code Violations in West Palm Beach and get a copy of the violation notice to accompany the concerned application.

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Hire The Best Structural Engineer In West Palm Beach To Get Extensive Plans And Inspections There are many reputable structural engineering firms in South Florida. They provide inspections constructions and concrete repair services. What separates the best companies from the rest is that they are also into construction business. It allows them to gain practical and hands-on experience in providing customers with a reliable and extensive inspection and report. It‟s easy to understand that the talent pool of the companies allows them to provide you with timely and accurate inspection. They also offer the most efficient and best solution. So why hire a professional Structural Engineer in West Palm Beach for an inspection while buying a property Reasons to hire To begin with you need to know that by hiring a licensed structural engineer to perform the building designs and inspection it can translate into huge savings before the concerned closing. First you need to make sure that you retain the services of a licensed and qualified Structural Engineer in West Palm Beach. The person can identify the nuances and subtle defects in the property which are not readily visible to regular or typical homebuyer. Since the companies have their in-house contractors and experts with years of service in this region they can combine their total expertise to provide the most efficient and excellent designs. Do note that these designs specifically cater to South Florida. Services at a glance A Structural Engineer in West Palm Beach is expert in providing sealed and signed structural plans along with specifications and calculations that are ready for submission to the county or city. Then you have the pivotal 40-year inspections followed by threshold inspections and special inspections. A very crucial part of the services is concrete repair and restoration. The engineers also undertake insurance loss inspections commercial and residential inspections consultation for unsafe structure and wind load calculations and auxiliary design for door and window assemblies that are up for installation. 40 year recertification If you‟re reading this article then you‟re one of the hundreds of people in Dade and Broward counties that have to undertake this pivotal inspection every year. Concisely you need to schedule a 40- year inspection when your building/structure turns 40 years old. You need to do it every ten years. Remember that only multi-unit and commercial buildings necessitate this inspection. There are certain exceptions to the rule and you need to ask the concerned building authority for ensuring the process. A Florida licensed Structural Engineer in West Palm Beach or architect can perform the inspection.

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Know the reasons Property owners schedule the inspection to ensure safety. The law requires you to do and keep the structures safe. These inspections entail a list of items that require checking and investigation. If you hire the right people this recertification and inspection don‟t have to be that convoluted as some would say. Check if the company provides electrical and structural in-house expertise and inspection. The best engineers don‟t have to subcontract the resources and services to other parties which keep the costs low. They also provide a list of repairs within the same price. They also provide recommendations for repair services.

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