The First Civilizations

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The First Civilizations:

The First Civilizations Egypt

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Egypt is a civilization of ancient Northeastern Africa. It placed at the lower reaches of the Nile River.

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Hieroglyphics Pyramid Solar calender Inventions: One of the most famous inventions of Egypt is pyramid, the greatest mystery in the world. The Egyptians had created one of the most famous languages in the world – hieroglyphics. They also had their own calender , which is similar to our calender today.

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The Egyptians worried about the Nile flooding and watering plants before the calender and the irrigation was invented. They also worried about the dead cause whenever someone died, they mummified them and put them in a tomb with food, gold, money, etc to help them with the "afterlife". So they were scared that thiefs might go in and steal the gold.

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Now Today this land becomes the modern country of Egypt.

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