Reproductive System

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Reproductive System: 

Reproductive System By: Jesse Shunk


Overview What is the importance of the Reproductive System Women Reproductive System Male Reproductive System Puberty Plus, video. Pregnancy First, Second, Third Trimester Pictures of Actual Reproductive Organs Credits

Importance of the Reproductive System: 

Importance of the Reproductive System The reason why we have reproductive systems is because that is how we produce our offspring. In other words without this every species on this earth would exist if they didn’t have a Reproductive system somehow.


Male Reproductive System

Puberty Plus: 

Puberty Plus 1954 Video


Pregnancy There are some different stages of pregnancy. A total of three trimesters. The average pregnancy lasts 266 days, or 38 weeks, or 9-1/2 months. But, according to the calendar used by medical professionals, you'll be pregnant for 40 weeks, or 280 days. During the second trimester women should exercise but be catuious to how hard they are straining themselves. It’s been found to be that women that took walks, swam or did yoga during their pregnancy had fewer complications.

First Trimester: 

First Trimester

Second Trimester: 

Second Trimester

Third Trimester: 

Third Trimester


Female Reproductive system(cat)

Male Reproductive system(cat): 

Male Reproductive system(cat)


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