Why do people get marry for wrong reasons

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Why do people get marry for wrong reasons


Why do people get marry for wrong reasons Marriage is a word which has thousands of meaning. The meaning of marriage is similar to every religion. It is the bonding which brings together to people of different background to come together to form a single family. A family in the form of  marriage relationship  brings in lot of things together, it brings in  love , it brings in  relationship , and it brings in  happiness  and many more.  People dream of lot of their future spouse One needs to understand that every human is different and every human has their own sets of attitude and skills. The main reason…  Page 1 of 7


Page 2 of 7 for people marrying a wrong person is not the person itself; it is the dream and expectation which they have on a person. You can choose a person to be like you, you can wish them to be but you can’t force them to be like that. This reason of over expectation also happens with  wife  were they wish their  husband  to be like their dad.  A wrong marriage can affect many people; it not only spoils the life of two souls. But it also has an impact on the entire family. The parents feel bad for the mistake if they would have done in case if it is an arranged marriage.  It it’s a  love  marriage then the two married souls start getting disappointed… Why do people get marry for wrong reasons


Page 3 of 7 for the wrong reason which they made in the life. There are many reasons for people getting married wrongly and we feel that following are the key reasons for failure in marriage.  Not marrying the right person you loved. Many people for the sake of religion and money  love  some person and marry some person.  Not understanding the clear cut expectations from the marriage.  Choosing a  husband  or  wife  for the sake of their parent’s interest. Why do people get marry for wrong reasons


Page 4 of 7 May be their age is not ready for marriage.  The maturity levels of the people may be not ready for them to lead a separate life. over expectation of a person’s attitude. Some people feel that getting married will solve their personal problems  Foolish reasons can lost your marriage life Some of the above reasons may look foolish, but… Why do people get marry for wrong reasons


Page 5 of 7 the real fact is that foolish and little decisions are what make a marriage fail. Researches after a serious of survey from the world nations have stated that people choose the wrong person and feel a lot for doing that. Besides that the survey also throws information that divorces of couples are mostly filed for the reasons of  love  lost, misunderstanding and sex.  Purpose of marriage is not being meet by couples The purpose of marriage is to be together and in this fast moving world of technology driving human. Being…  Why do people get marry for wrong reasons


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