Here are the Cherished Wedding Cake Toppers for You

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Here are the Cherished Wedding Cake Toppers for You 


Page 1 of 8 A wedding cake is a western tradition such that the newly wed bride and groom cut a lavishly designed cake to mark the celebration of their occasion. However, the wedding cake tradition has now spread to the Asian cultures also and there is a high demand. The specialty bakers are catering towards this demand in a passionate manner and the cakes have become the art forms to behold and live. The cake making has emerged as an artistic skill. We are finding the pooling of different techniques to make out the intricacies and additions of diversity. 


Page 2 of 8 Enthusiastic couples like the novelties that are being served in the wedding cakes and they are also demanding much more. Wedding cake toppers are such icons that are placed atop the cake and offer a distinct appeal and symbolism to the cake. Wedding cake toppers have emerged as the tags of distinction and customization and the market is full of these. Let’s look out the most cherished concepts in the segment of the wedding cake toppers. 


Page 3 of 8 Edible and non-edible cake toppers Is should be stated that the wedding cake toppers are available both as the edible and non-edible types. While the edible cake toppers are being made by the cake bakers themselves, the non-edible types is a big market and vendors are offering the acrylic and plastic ones also. The demand for the non-edible cake toppers has increased because of the high and manifested detailing cum intricacies that is made possible through the machines. These are being made as the iconic showpieces to decorate the cakes for different occasions including the wedding cakes. Here are the available choices -   


Page 4 of 8 The couple  Couple is the best and most sought after cake topper for the wedding cakes. These are available in multitudes and depict different postures and positions of the couple. You can choose the dancing couple cake topper dressed nicely and doing the salsa or such other of your choice. These are mostly available in quality acrylic and are the non-edible ones. One advantage is that after consuming the cake these could be kept as the souvenirs for life by the couple. Designed very intricately these are very appealing too! 


Page 5 of 8 The love signs  Love signs like the hearts are also available as the wedding cake toppers. These could be of acrylic or the edible ones. Hearts carved in butter cream are very common.  Words and messages  The couple messages or special words like ‘Love You’ could be had as the wedding cake toppers. Bright and vibrant readymade cake toppers are available. 


Page 6 of 8 Flower art  Special flower art could be also used as the wedding topper and these make the cake artistic. Most of these are made as the edible ones by the cake artists themselves. They could specialize in roses, lilies or such other flowers.  Cottages designed as sweet home  These are very attractive additions to the cake top. The miniature cottages are designed as the dream homes in cheese or butter cream and then hand painted with edible colors.  


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