Here Is the Ultimate Checklist While Selecting the Wedding Venue

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Here Is the Ultimate Checklist While Selecting the Wedding Venue


The wedding is an elaborate function and so is its arrangement! This arrangement is done for the couple and the guests that are the part of the wedding party. Any glitches could throw the party into disarray. Finer details should be looked into to host a successful, vibrant and fervourful party. The wedding venue is equally important parameter, for it serves as the place where all the arrangements and hosting is done. It is generally and commonly found that the host families tend to forget to look into the finer details of the wedding venue. This often… Page 1 of 8


creates ripples in the party time. Here is a checklist for the wedding venue and this will definitely ensure the good hosting and catering of the guests.  1. Whether formally registered as a party and hosting destination  Look out for the registration details of the venue as the wedding and partying place. This is essential as often some places are situated close to school or hospital and are therefore debarred from being allowed as the party venues. There has… Page 2 of 8


to be renewal also in a timely manner so that there are no objections at the time your party is on and full.  2. The seating, catering capacity & other objective details  This is the fundamental parameter while selecting the wedding venue. The size and capacity of the wedding place should be considered objectively while keeping in mind the number of guests that have been invited to attend the wedding party. There should be enough of the space… Page 3 of 8


for their seating and also good space for the food and drinks’ caterers.  3. The electricity and alternate power arrangements Electricity is the most basic requirement including for the partying! Without power, the decoration and music would simply fail and these two are considered as the most fundamental ingredients of any party. So ensure that a proper and legal electricity connection is available. Also look out for the arrangement of the…


alternate power in case the power failure occurs. There should be UPS or the diesel generator available.  4. The potable drinking water arrangement Potable safe drinking water should be available in the wedding venue. This will help in the food preparation and for drinking purposes. If not satisfied, dedicated agencies could be contacted to supply water. …


5. The functional navigation for the caterers  The designing of the wedding venue should be such that there is dedicated space for the food preparation and serving. There should be passages for feeding the food counters by the catering staff.  6. The accessibility to the wedding venue needs to be good! The wedding venue should be located… Page 6 of 8


at a place where it could be reached easily. This would allow the service providers to reach there with their stuff and would also facilitate the guests.  7. The budget and pricing  Always look for the budget factor and try to choose one that suits your pocket. Try to have the discount through your skills.  Page 7 of 8


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