Hindu Marriage Act 1955

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The governing of all marriages of the Hindu religion in India is done under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955. Every aspect of a marriage including Husband, Wife, Marriage, Commitment, Sex and child rearing are covered under this act.


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Hindu Marriage Act, 1955


Hindu marriage Act, 1955 The governing of all marriages of the Hindu religion in India is done under the Hindu  Marriage  Act 1955. Every aspect of a marriage including  Husband , Wife,  Marriage ,  Commitment ,  Sex  and  child rearing  are covered under this act. As in India each citizen is allowed to be dealt under personal laws relevant to religious views. Hence, the Hindu  Marriage  Act was enacted by Parliament in 1955 to codify marriage law between Hindus as part of the Hindu Code Bill.  The Guideline Under the Act: It provides guidelines for Hindus to be in a systematic  marriage… Page 1 of 7


Page 2 of 7 Hindu marriage Act, 1955 bond and applies to all forms of Hinduism and also recognizes offshoots of the Hindu religion as specified in Article 44 of the Indian Constitution. Notably, these include Jains and Buddhists. The Act also applies to anyone who is a permanent resident in the India who is not Christian, Jew, Parsi or Muslim or by religion. The AnandKarj  Marriage  Act provides Sikhs their own personal law related to  marriage .  Marriage  is an official name given to the relationship of two individuals in which they promise each other to spend their rest of the live together with  love  and affection. It is a bond of understanding, trust and care among…


Page 3 of 7 Hindu marriage Act, 1955 the two souls. Still, misunderstandings rise at time to time, and if not dealt nicely can even reach a stage of divorce.  Aspects Covered by the Act: The Hindu  Marriage  Act set out every condition regarding  marriage  by a Hindu couple and these are coded in the Section 5 of The Hindu Marriage Act. It explains the conditions under which a  marriage  is void, for example age of the groom and bride. A  marriage  may be later be annulled in following conditions including either bride or groom is impotent, or not…


Page 4 of 7 Hindu marriage Act, 1955 able to consummate the marriage, and unfit for the procreation of children. The Hindu  Marriage  Act further deals with every topic related to  marriage  including Registering a  marriage , ceremonies, divorce and grounds for divorce, alimonies and remarriage. The Act and Married Couple: The Hindu  Marriage  Act protects rights of both the  husband  and  wife . Further the act ensures ample chance for  intimacy  to be grown between the concerned couple. The importance of  sex  in  marriage  is to cultivating a flourishing  relationship…


Page 5 of 7 Hindu marriage Act, 1955 and this is how the relationship of the couple is protected. Even if relation between couple becomes strained at certain time and come to a breaking point, the act caters for mending of relationship before final divorce stage is reached. There are several clauses providing ample chance for a healthy and long married life of a couple.  The  Commitment  cannot be a single minded decision, with one partner issuing all the rules and conformities, it has to be a mutual agreement of needs and requirements in a future you want to share together, with  commitment levels you present to each other…


Page 6 of 7 Hindu marriage Act, 1955 open to compromise and discussion. Pre-conceived ideas or fears about  commitment  are essentially preparing you to understanding the difference between promise and  commitment . Sometimes couples know something is off, but they put off dealing with it until the problem becomes too big to ignore. 


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