Cargo Logistics Management

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C a r g o LogisticsManagement Contact us: +91 9873725832

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Cargo Logistics Management intends to meet the logistics management and professional transportation provide sourcing around and information the world with service s strong supporters by our long standing client partnerships

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Objective:  Cargo Logistics Management aims at providing needs of International Freight Forwarding Warehousing Logistics Customs Clearance Nation-wide distribution and transport.

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Mode of Transportation Cargo service ❑within country- landtruck railwaysand airaero plane helicopter ❑outside country- Air and watership

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Charges Depends upon the types of cargo o General-General Cargo is the term used for shipments of durable goods that do not require special treatment. Within this category are shoes textiles and spare parts among others.

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oDangerous goods-chemicals nuclear weapons oPerishable-fruits flowers vegetables meats eggs medicines and transplants organs fish etc.

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oAnimals-Different types of animals are transported on domestic and international routes daily following high standards of care.

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Export /import charges oStandard Charges for Processing Handling oStorage charges oStrapping Charges oReturn Cargo Charges oAmendment of Airway Bill

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MODULES 1.Administrator 2.Staff 3.User

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Administrator: CARGOMANAGER requires as input details of the cargo items forming the load and of the available container / containers or truck trailer frame pallet etc. which might be used for the load. Much of this information relates to dimensions and weights and additional information can optionally be provided on the characteristics of each cargo item type fragility layering constraints etc.

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Admini strator

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Staff 1.The Staffs have to register and login . 2.Staff update the status of their current location and about the goods delivered. 3.The main job of staff is to deliver goods to the customers.

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Customer 1.Customer has to first register and login 2.Customers can know about the pricing details •Warehouse charges •Freight charges •Tax 3.Customer can check the current location of their goods

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CONCLUSIONS OF CARGO TRANSPORTING MANAGEMENT SERVICES Here we have a system which is capable of registering the users urging for sending material from cargo so they log in and feed their data and then selects the ship according to his need and then get the approval and pays for it and then load the material with given time slot and start the ship at a given time to the desired destination. Hence this system is capable of doing all such operation with effective results.

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