Best Coating System Design Services and Industrial Coating Services


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Chicago Corrosion Group provides Best Coating System Design Services and Industrial Coating Services with optimal materials, application protocols and specifications for optimal corrosion mitigation and asset maintenance


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Provide Dynamic, Unique Method of Coating Consulting Chicago Corrosion Group

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Chicago Corrosion Group Services

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Optimal Coating System Design CCG’s entire business philosophy and value proposition is simple – to provide specialty coating systems in the best interest of the owners . More info. Visit to https ://

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Specification Development and Review There are three elements to an “optimal” paint or Chicago coating system installation . CCG specifications are unique in that they are designed exclusively with the owner’s best interest in mind and are more functional and practical than those being provided by coating suppliers and/or applicators. /

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Project Management / General Contracting Having decades of experience as a Chicago corrosion coating contractor, and having successfully managed thousands of paint and coating projects, CCG is uniquely qualified to add value to every aspect of a coating project. More Info. https://

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Failure Analysis Coating failure analysis are one of the most overused and, at times, misguided services that consulting entities provide . More Info. https://

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Owners and companies hire CCG not for only for our substantial, organic, technical knowledgebase, of corrosion prevention Chicago but more for the vendor-neutral, unbiased vetting and research analysis which CCG employs . More Info. Visit to https:// SME Services / Business Development

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Condition surveys and commercial inspection services are critical to understanding how best to develop optimal corrosion mitigation solutions . More Info Visit to https :// Condition Survey / Inspection Services

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