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PROJECT KIDSAFE In 2002, then-Assemblyman Dennis Hollingsworth joined with Assemblyman Jay La Suer to push a comprehensive bill package to strengthen sex offender laws following the kidnappings and murders of Danielle van Dam in Sabre Springs and Samantha Runnion in Riverside County. There are three goals of Project KidSafe: Prevention: Giving law enforcement tools to protect communities from child predators. Information: Providing crucial information to parents and communities. Penalties: Ensuring that child predators are removed from society.


PROJECT KIDSAFE Two Project KidSafe bills became law in 2002, beginning the fight for tougher sex offender laws. AB 1858 (Hollingsworth): Establishment of Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Teams, or SAFE Teams. AB 415 (Runner): Established the AMBER alert system, managed by the California Highway Patrol.

SAFE Teams: 

SAFE Teams AB 1858 (Hollingsworth) established SAFE teams to verify status of registered sex offenders. SAFE Teams funding was cut in original bill and killed in every session until last year’s SB 1128 included $6 million. Riverside County recently received a state grant to support its SAFE Teams operations. San Diego County SAFE team cut reported violations by nearly 6 percent in its first year of operation.


PROJECT KIDSAFE Hollingsworth Project KidSafe Law: SB 877 (2003): The Danielle Legacy Foundation proposed the law, which strictly controls the access to and prohibits the reproduction and distribution of child pornography evidence unless specifically permitted to do so by the court.

Project KidSafe Bills 2002-06: 

Project KidSafe Bills 2002-06 SAFE Teams: Established Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Teams or SAFE Teams. SAFE Teams verify the status of registered sex offenders. AB 1858 (Hollingsworth) –Became Law 2002, funding cut in committee SAFE Teams Funding: Would have appropriated $15 million from the General Fund for the implementation of county and regional SAFE Teams. Died in committee, SB 1128 appropriated $6 million to SAFE Teams statewide, Became Law 2006. Amber Alert: Established the AMBER alert system, managed by the California Highway Patrol. AB 415 (Runner) – Became Law 2002 Internet Luring: Would make it a crime to lure any person under the age of 18 years for the intent or purpose of engaging in sexual abuse. AB 1141 (La Suer, Hollingsworth), AB 1443 (La Suer), SB 882 (Denham), AB 1153 (La Suer), SB 613 (Denham) – Died in Committee, Contained in Jessica’s Law DNA Database: Would add people convicted of misdemeanor sexual offenses that require registration under Megan’s Law to the list of offenders required to give law enforcement a DNA sample. AB 2592 (Maddox), AB 1444 (Bates), SB 883 (Margett) – Provisions now law in Proposition 69

Project KidSafe Bills 2002-06 : 

Project KidSafe Bills 2002-06 One Strike Life: Would create a one-strike punishment when specified sex offenses are committed against a minor and would increase the penalties for lewd and lascivious acts committed on a child under the age of 14. AB 2463 (Pescetti, La Suer), AB 633 (Maze), SB 884 (Poochigian), AB 1106 (Strickland), SB 448 (Poochigian) – Died in Committee, Contained in Jessica’s Law One Strike for Sexually Violent Predators: Would broaden the category of sex offenders that the state may file for civil commitment. Specifically, this bill would allow the state to file for civil commitment if the offender has committed one specified sexual offense if it was against a minor rather than multiple victims. SB 876 (Morrow), AB 730 (Spitzer), AB 1484 (Wyland), SB 1098 (Hollingsworth) – Died in Committee, Contained in Jessica’s Law Pornography Evidence: Prohibits a court from giving access to child pornography evidence to the defendant or their family unless there is a showing of good cause. Continues to permit attorneys and experts access to the evidence with strict protections. AB 1439 (La Suer), SB 877 (Hollingsworth) – Became Law 2003 Felony Child Pornography: Would increase the existing penalty for possession of child pornography from a misdemeanor to a felony, punishable by imprisonment in the state prison. AB 39 (Runner), SB 878 (Knight) – Died in Committee, Contained in Jessica’s Law

Project KidSafe Bills 2002-06: 

Project KidSafe Bills 2002-06 Child Pornographer Registration: Requires a person to register as a sex offender if they are convicted of possession or manufacturing of child pornography. AB 402(Plescia), SB 879 (Margett) – Became Law 2003 Death Penalty Victims Under 14: Would authorize the death penalty when the defendant intentionally killed the victim who was under 14 years of age. AB 1440 (Houston), SB 880 (Ashburn), AB 1022 (Walters), SB 817 (Ashburn) – Died in Committee GPS for High Risk Offenders: Would require Global Positioning System for the term of parole for a 'high-risk' sex crime offender. AB 1442 (La Suer), SB 881 (Hollingsworth) – Died in Committee, Contained in Jessica’s Law Megan’s Law Reform: Would expand the scope of the sex offender registration statute. AB 1445 (Dutton), SB 885 (Knight), AB 807 (La Suer), SB 43 (Battin) – Died in Committee Drivers License Renewal: Would require that driver’s licenses of sex offenders be valid for only two years for the purpose of aiding efforts to improve accurate sex offender registration. AB 417 (La Suer), SB 629 (Dutton), AB 1504 (La Suer) – Died in Committee

Project KidSafe Bills 2002-06: 

Project KidSafe Bills 2002-06 Regional Reporting Centers: Would allow separate law enforcement agencies to pool their resources to create regional reporting centers and to register sex offenders who are under the jurisdiction of another agency. SB 1045 (Hollingsworth) – Died in Committee Felons Owning Group Homes: Would prohibit convicted felons from owning, operating, or being employed in a group home that houses at least one sex offender. AB 808 (La Suer), SB 1046 (Hollingsworth) – Died in Committee School Safe Zones: Would prohibit persons convicted of sex offenses with minors and juvenile sex offenders from being placed in any group home that is located within a half mile of a school. SB 1051 (Hollingsworth) – Died in Committee, Contained in Jessica’s Law Comprehensive Project KidSafe: Would enact a comprehensive set of reforms designed to protect society from sex offenders and sexually violent predators, including stiffening penalties and parole terms.  SB 1780 (Hollingsworth), AB 1151 (La Suer) – Died, SB 1046 (Hollingsworth) – Died in Committee, Contained in Jessica’s Law with many provisions

Project KidSafe Bills: 2007: 

Project KidSafe Bills: 2007 Perjury: Makes providing false information on a Megan’s Law registration form perjury – punishable as a felony. SB 501 GPS Upon Unconditional Release: This measure would require any person who has ever been found to be a Sexually Violent Predator to be monitored by GPS for life upon being unconditionally released. SB 502 Rejection of Treatment: A vast number of adjudicated Sexually Violent Predators (SVP’s) refuse treatment in a state hospital. This bill would provide that during a hearing on whether to conditionally release or unconditionally discharge an SVP, the SVP’s failure to engage in treatment shall be considered evidence that his or her condition has not changed. SB 503 Transient Registration: This bill would require that all high-risk sex offenders that register as transients would be required to wear GPS devices for life and register with authorities every five days. SB 505

Project KidSafe Bills 2007: 

Project KidSafe Bills 2007 Prohibit Transient SVPs: This bill would prohibit anyone legally declared a SVP from registering as a transient pursuant to Megan’s Law. SB 506 Sex Offender Group Homes: Makes group homes for sex offenders illegal. SB 913 Group Home Business Licenses: Requires group homes for sex offenders to obtain a local business license. SB 914 Group Home Zoning: Measure will require group homes housing sex offenders to be subject to zoning as an adult-oriented business. SB 915

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