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In this presentation Walnut Montessori Preschool Academy is going to discuss about the educational system provided by the preschool. It is the best preschool in West Covina, CA. Here we follow the Montessori curriculum to make our student’s future bright. Our educators guide and support our students as they pursue learning on their own.


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A Small Step of Small Kiddo for a Big Journey- Preschool Learning is a lifelong process. It is such a process which takes the effort of whole life and in end you will find that something was missing. The timing and direction are two very critical factors in the learning process. The first step of learning is preschool. It is the foundation stone of future adults. Hence you may call preschools as fertile soil for future seeds. In the Preschool West Covina CA located at West Covina CA you will not see a teacher at the front. The main focus of Montessori classes is on the students instead of the teacher. Educators’ guide and support children as they pursue learning on their own. Teachers design well-thought-out learning opportunities and then guide and support children as they participate in those learning exercises. In the Montessori La Puente CA located at La Puente CA classroom parents are valuable partners in their childrens’ learning process. Educators know that parental involvement is vital for the child’s success. They create opportunities to encourage parents to come into the classroom observe and interact with their children and become an active part of the learning process. Montessori Preschool La Puente CA encourages parents to attend parenting workshops and create groups with other parents.

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The teachers in the Preschool West Covina CA classrooms know that each child has an innate desire to learn. When an opportunity to learn through experience is given then the inner intelligence blossoms and desired results can be obtained without much effort. The method of experience is considered as best for learning. Children also learn to respect their teachers and their classmates. While the teacher works as a facilitator the students also work together in partnership as they explore the learning opportunities all around them. Teachers of preschool Working with young kids is a daylong task. It requires a huge level of patience and tolerance. Every child is different too making the job of a teacher even more challenging. Faculties of young children have to meet new challenges every day. A preschool teacher must have a great understanding of children psychology. If a person feels passionate about teaching then only he or she should select this profession. The Selection of a preschool is a very big decision so it is advisable to consider the following points while selecting a preschool for your little kid- • Ask about the curriculum the preschool uses. You have to make sure that they are using a play-based child-centered curriculum. That would be appropriate for preschoolers. • Ask about accreditation. Many states have accreditation and there are also national accreditation too. • Ask about the staff. Staff turnover speaks volumes about how a program works. • Ask about how long the staff has been working for the preschool. • Also ask about staff certification and education level

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• You should also ask about staff to child ratio and how their center’s ratio compares to the state’s ratio. • You also want to know about things such as meals snacks and naps. • Toys and other materials that are accessible to the children provide opportunities for children to choose what they play. • Children thrive on predictability. Children are like wet soil an ocean of possibility is hidden inside every child. All you need to do is provide the right direction and ambiance for exploration of intellect. • The timings of the playschool should be flexible. • Though all parents want their kids to learn all the things you should make sure that your choices did not put an unwanted burden on your kid. Education is the most important process of life but it is not bigger than life. Parents need to understand that their kid is a human being and not a robot. It is quite often seen these days that parents put too much pressure of their own expectation on the little toddlers which destroyed their childhood. If our children are in the pressure of performance and always thinking about completion then they will never enjoy the processes of learning. Such an attitude will take us nowhere. Our kids are human beings not machines which can be operated by remotes. A large no of studies conducted by various reputed organization reveals that nowadays young children of below 5 years of age are suffering from hypertension and depression. It is very harmful to the future of humanity Parents need to understand that their child has a different life of their own and no one has the right to ruin someone else life. As a society it’s time to change for all of us and think differently for the betterment of young kids. Teachers and parents only provide favorable

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conditions for the overall development of the kid. All the children have the inherited ability to learn. Link- preschool-academy-a-small-step-of-small-kiddo-for-big.html

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