Best Places to Visit in Rajasthan for tourist

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slide 1: Best Places to Visit in Rajasthan for tourist There is no doubt that Rajasthan tour is known for grand palaces havelis and forts. Whenever it comes to the tour of India Rajasthan tour is definitely included in it. But are you aware of the forts and palaces for Rajasthan tourist besides the beautiful and famous temples here whose devotees reach thousands of Rajasthan tourist every day. The special thing is that by visiting the very beautiful temples of Rajasthan tour you will be able to see the diverse culture here. Walmarttravels Providing best Rajasthan tour packages for holidays. 1.Ambika Mata Temple Udaipur:- Ambika Mata Temple located about 50 km from Udaipur falls in the category of old temples of Rajasthan tour which was constructed during the tenth century. Ambika Mata is worshiped in this temple as Durga Maa. Even today this temple is not as popular among Hindu devotees as it is among Rajasthan tourists Rajasthan Tourists are surprised to see the incredible architecture of this temple. Ambika Mata Temple is also known as Khajuraho of Mewar due to its depiction of many sculptures on the walls and roofs of the temple. Rajasthan tour is the best tour For India tourist.

slide 2: 2.Karni Mata Temple Bikaner:- Karni Mata Temple which is located in the border of Deshnok village about 30 kilometers from Bikaner for Rajasthan tourourist. This temple is also known as the Rat Temple for Rajasthan tourist. Karni Devi was the incarnation of Sakshat Maa Jagadamba. About six and a half hundred years ago now the place where this grand temple is mother lived in a cave and worshiped her deity. This cave is still located in the temple complex. This temple was built by Ganga Singh of Raja of Bikaner in the 20th century. This temple is quite big and beautiful. In addition to the mice large carvings of silver gold beams of the mother and beautiful carvings on marble are depicted. After visiting the temple Rajasthan Tourist can visit the philosophical places located in Bikaner 3.Birla Mandir Jaipur:- The Birla Temple among other beautiful attractions in Jaipur is one of the other stunning Temples for Rajasthan Tourist. Established under the Moti Dangri mountain this temple is mainly dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi Narayan. The special thing For Rajasthan Tourist That the walls of this temple have carved images of God Buddha Christ Socrates and many other such historical personalities. The Birla temples are built on the lines of modern outlook and are famous as the main attraction centers of many cities. After this considering the land suitable for the temple the Birla family built the temple here in the year 1988 since then this temple has become a place of pilgrimage for Rajasthan tourist. Birla mandir is the best opption for Rajasthan tour packages for holiday. There are many places for Rajasthan tourist for holiday 4.Galta dham:- The sacred shrine located in the eastern Aravalli hills is the hallmark of Galta Jaipur. The place is recognized for its natural beauty with seven pools and trere are many temples For Rajasthan tourist to visit in holidays. Here a natural stream falls from Gomukh into Suraj Kund. People come from far and wide to bathe in this holy tank. The Rajasthan tourists also consider the water of the Galta Kund here as sacred. 5.Brahma Temple:- The only temple of Brahma Ji located in Pushkar is dedicated to Lord Brahma. It is said that this temple was built by sage Vishwamitra during the 14th century. This temple is mainly built of marble stones. Thousands of devotees visit the temple during the Kartik Purnima festival. Brahma Temple is very amazing Temple for Rajasthan tourist for holidays.

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