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If you want your leadership position rightly filled, you’ll either need to be able to find the “right” talent on your own, or take assistance from the list of leadership hiring companies in India.


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Identifying The Right Talent For Your Leadership Position - WalkWater Talent Advisors Hiring the wrong leader for your team is a big mistake that can hamper the image of your brand as one wrong leader means a low quality team which in turn means lower production or lower quality thus harming your sales and thus profits. It can cost you lakhs of rupees if you hire one wrong executive to handle your system It is thus highly crucial that you identify the right talent for your leadership position so that you can have a successful team and the right operations being executed in the right manner to meet the desired goals. And to be able to hire the right talent you need to find an executive who possesses innate leadership talents such as assertiveness decision making skills motivational ability relationship cultivating skills and accountability. You can hire from a list of leadership

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hiring companies in India like WalkWater Talent Advisors to help you hire such “right” talents with their expertise and skill or you can use the below mentioned guidelines to recruit on your own. We’ve mentioned below some questions that you can ask the candidates your interview based on the five qualities mentioned above to be able to identify that one candidate you can hire for the job. Assertiveness 1 Have you had experiences where you were too persistent and what were the results 2 Have you had experiences where you gave it your all but still failed 3 Ave your given ideas to your seniors which haven’t been accepted What did you do then How did it affect you 4 What are the biggest obstacles you have overcome and how did you do it Decision making skills 1 Have you ever recognized a problem before anyone else did 2 How do you adjust yourself in terms of any problems or threats 3 What are some good decisions you have made recently 4 Have you ever had to make important decisions that could impact your career

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Motivational ability 1 What events have been the most important to make you what you are today 2 What are your career goals in the next five years 3 Under what conditions do you work best 4 If you’ve ever experienced a letdown what has brought you back up and how 5 What time of the day do you generally tend to dig into your toughest problems Relationship cultivating skills 1 Have you ever had to build and keep a relationship with someone who had a very different viewpoint How did you manage 2 What would any of your references say about you 3 Is honesty always important at work 4 Have you ever been asked by a senior or boss to speak a lie How did you go about it 5 What would you do if you saw a co-worker doing something wrong or being dishonest Accountability 1 Have you ever taken up the responsibility of a failure 2 Have you ever taken up the responsibility of any problems caused to others 3 What mistakes have you learnt from

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4 How have you taken up any criticism or negative feedback given to you For more Information:

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